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The Balance and Sanity Issue October 2010
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Property Tax Exempt?

Responding to the "What are you receiving for $77 a year?" post, a writer asks:

Q. We have a high % of military and nonprofit in our county. Since they do not pay property taxes, is that the reason our per person cost is so low as shown in the 10 County comparison chart?

A. Tax exempt property equals about 22% of the total valuation of assessed property within El Paso.

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Won't you help restore Balance and Sanity?
Proportional reasoning
Our election season efforts will demostrate that people have grown tired of the extremism and polarity.

Bipartisan leadership, listening to the citizens, responding to the wants and needs of our community does build smart public investments.

Your commitment to vote and to vote all the way down the ballot is critical! All the races on your ballot need your vote.

Your mail in ballot is due to the County Clerk no later than 7pm November 2 or better yet, vote early and stop the robo calls.


Steve Kjonaas
Committee to Elect Steve Kjonaas
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Who's Exempt
Balance and Sanity
Think About It
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Our moment is here. We need balance and sanity in our local government.

Our ride out of the worst economic recession is at hand. Your vote for me will enable our community to manage and lead our county out of its current deficit and provide a great deal better services to the people living and visiting El Paso county to a level that is deserving and long sought after.

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