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The Initial El Paso County 2011 Budget Information has been posted.

Our concern surrounds a balanced budget while focusing on citizens demands and needs.
The Numbers are Coming Together
Revenue and Spending

The revenue numbers are what we had expected them to be, as we easily forecasted that a slight increase in consumer confidence will escalate spending and inflation. As well, property tax revenue will be depressed for five or so additional years. Slowly the property values will rise to 2005 levels within ten years time. The effect will be a revenue disconnect when compared to aggregate spending, according to the current funding criteria.

Development Based on Water Availability

300 year water availability
Should we provide waivers for the requirement for 300 year water availability?

In a sense I believe the 300 year requirement is very valuable towards our regional development.

One thought we have always used in the US Air Force is that everything is "waiverable." The thought I have regarding the 300 year water availability is the 100 years of renewable water availability. The aquifers that supply the North County region are essentially a finite source of water and are not an assured and an adequate water supply.

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Steve Kjonaas
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