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The new Gallup Poll shows that this election is all about turnout
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The Voter Turnout Issue October/2011

Mail in ballots have arrived. Voter turnout is critical, I encourage you to do the research, make the selections that you feel are the best for you, your family, and your community.
A criteria I like to use; "will I regret my selection in a year."
What are you receiving for $77 a year?
Our strategic planning will...

At the El Paso County Citizens College I am attending a very brilliant question was asked by a student during the budget presentation. The man asked "if El Paso County citizens are only paying $77 per person per year in property taxes and the next highest county in the 10 county comparison citizens are paying $191; what are we missing out on when we compare services?"

The questioner is speaking about the "10 County comparison Property Tax per person" chart. The chart shows how much each person pays in property taxes in 10 similar Colorado counties.

Of course there is no simple answer other than this subject brings up the discussion of citizen prioritization of their wants, needs, and demands from the El Paso County government.

Deputy Sherriff ride along

Deputy Sherriff ride along spawns insight into the deeper meaning of our county.

I rode along with a Deputy Sherriff on a swing shift to gain a better perspective of what our emergency responders experience. The Deputy and I found a lot of common experiences in working with the public, as well responding to their needs.

I spent a large part of my life as an Air Force fire fighter stationed at multiple locations around the world. Some of these locations were small, while some were our at our largest military installations in the world.
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Mail in ballots will only work when you make your selection and return the ballot to the County Clerk.
A few yard signs are still available. Email or go to the Peak Dems HQ to pick one up!

Steve Kjonaas
Committee to Elect Steve Kjonaas