Mini Newsletter
 August 08, 2015
A Newsletter Addition

A staff member recently suggested to me that the Community Living Greater Sudbury (CLGS) mini-newsletters include a spotlight of one of the people who receives support from CLGS.  I thought this was a fantastic idea and a great way inspire others.

Welcome to our first installment of "The Spotlight"!
This months spotlight goes to a fabulous man who has received supports through CLGS for many years.  He is known and loved by many.  He has made so many amazing strides over the years and has become a very valued member of his home community.

I hope you enjoy this spotlight as much as I do!


Tracy Girard ~ Director of Community Services
Community Living Greater Sudbury

The Spotlight

By Melissa Brunet


     Of my 7 years working for Community Living Greater Sudbury my favorite person to be in the community with is Mr. Marc Yuiry.


     When Marc is out in the community people gravitate to towards him. During the fall and winter Marc is part of the Special Olympics Bowling team here in Azilda. It's so much fun to watch him interact with his peers.


     Marc loves to grocery shop on Thursday with his staff. People love him there and he's a great help.


     At the Howard Armstrong in Hanmer Marc walks the track and it's not unusual for people to strike up a conversation with Marc and staff.


     It's nice to see Marc out in the community making friends. We all need to take an example from this great man.


Summer Wishes


     The most fantastic, magical things can happen and it all starts with a wish.

~ Jiminy Cricket



This summer Community Living Greater Sudbury is collecting wishes! X 2!

  1. Wishes for those who receive service and supports from CLGS


  1. Wishes for the teams that work hard providing support!

For those who receive services and support:

What do you wish for? What / where / or who do you wish "to be", "to do", "to go", "to have" or "to meet"?


For those teams that provide support:

What wish do you have for you and your work team? What could be granted to help with Team Building, Showing Appreciation, Beautifying your Program or Making your Work life More Fun and Engaging?


Remember ~ Summer Wishes can lead to Winter Dreams coming true.

 Application forms available through the Central Administration offices at 303 York St., Unit 241, Sudbury.  Or by emailing:

Closing date for application: September 30th, 2015 
Newsletter Submissions for "The Spotlight" always accepted.  
Newsletter Submissions of all kinds also accepted.  Email to

Community Living Greater Sudbury
303 York St., Unit 241
Sudbury, On P3E2A5

In This Issue
Family Home Program in the news!

Way to go Bonnie Durrell, Family Home Recruiter, who has certainly made it her business to get the Family Home Program noticed!

Check out the amazing Northern Life article highlighting Shirley, a long time family home provider!  You are amazing!

Also check out the fabulous CTV News broadcast highlighting Jan, a very dedicated family home provider with CLGS!
You rock, Jan!

Keep up the great work Bonnie!

Community Living Greater Sudbury is always on the look out to recruit new family home providers on full time and part time basis.  To find out more, contact Bonnie Durrell at :

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Facebook Frenzy!

Getting out and about in our community any time of year is important and fun, but nothing is more fun that enjoying our northern summers!

Pictures are flowing in of all the fun that is being had out in our community by those we support!  Check out our Facebook page for some great snapshots of fun in the sun!