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A Note from the  CEO
Dear Friends and Supporters,
Rick Doucet, CEO

On the afternoon of September 26th, Community Reach Center was honored to host a Community Forum at our Northglenn location, facilitated by Colorado's Office of Behavioral Health (OBH). The event featured a panel comprised of Senators Cheri Jahn and Dominic Moreno, Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp, Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council Director of Government and Community Relations Frank Cornelia, former OBH Director Dr. Nancy VanDeMark, and myself. Forum participants included a wide cross-section of the north-metro community, including school districts, healthcare systems, primary care, judicial systems, mental healthcare and family members of individuals living with behavioral health challenges.

The purpose of the forum was to gather input from participants regarding mental health and addictions services that were working well in the north metro region, and additional services deemed to be needed. The most prominent area of concern was related to wide gaps in services for folks with substance use disorders, including opiate addiction. A shortage of trained addictions counselors for inpatient and outpatient settings was identified as a critical issue in urban as well as rural areas of Colorado.    

The need for increased access to professionals with training in evidenced-based treatments such as EMDR and trauma-informed care as well as non-traditional forms of treatment like animal assisted therapy was noted.  Consensus was that all communities need access to a complete continuum of care that includes medically monitored social detox services, intensive outpatient therapy and medically assisted treatment based on the American Society of Addiction  Medicine protocols .

Had we asked each participant to present their top ten list of priority mental health services needed for their community, it's likely that no two lists would have looked the same.  However it was highly apparent that everyone's #1 priority was prevention and early intervention services.  Community Reach Center continues to dedicate resources on the early intervention front with programs like school-based therapy, maternal health and early childhood services, integrated care sites throughout Adams County and free Mental Health First Aid classes in the community.  

Early intervention is especially vital for young people who have experienced trauma, as research indicates a significant correlation between folks with untreated post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders.  That's why all Community Reach Center clinical staff are trained in Trauma Informed Care, and why the Center is firmly committed to taking a trauma informed approach to every client interaction throughout our system - right down to the atmosphere in our waiting rooms.

We are grateful to OBH for the opportunity to host this important community discussion, and promise continued program development that will lead to meaningful solutions and improvements to mental health and addiction services in our community.


Rick Doucet
Chief Executive Officer

Service Highlight
In Home Resiliency and Support Services

Community Reach Center provides life-changing services and support for thousands of people every year at our outpatient facilities throughout Adams County. But for young people who have been significantly impacted by traumatic events or environments, CRC has discovered that in-home services work better for many of them and their families.

In-home Resiliency and Support Services (IRSS) provides community-based and in-home treatment services for children, adolescents and young adults (ages 3 to 21) in Adams County who are experiencing distress related to trauma. Services follow the research-based Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) model.

TST is a comprehensive model for treating traumatic stress in children and adolescents by specifically addressing the child's social environment and system of care. The essence of TST is to help enhance the child's skills to self-regulate their emotions and behaviors, and strengthen the child's parents' and caregivers' ability to decrease ongoing environmental stressors and help the child with self-regulation. 

Many Community Reach Center familiesserved by the IRSS team say that they feel as though "CRC gets it" and that they feel understood in a way that they have not felt with other programs. Caregivers report that they have a new understanding of the behavior of their children and are now equipped to intervene to create a safer environment in the home.
So far, data indicates that TST is working well for IRSS clients.  Trauma symptoms are assessed in 6 month increments with a particular focus on hospitalizations.    

In the 6 months before admission to the IRSS with
TST program, 22 consumers reported:
  • 13 hospitalizations; length of stay 105 days
  • 5 residential placements; length of stay 127 days
  • 129 school days missed due to mental health symptoms  

Following 6 months of treatment, those same
22 consumers reported:
  • 7 hospitalizations; length of stay 75 days
  • 4 residential placements; length of stay 39 days
  • 64 school days missed due to mental health symptoms  

That equates to a 46.15% decrease in hospitalizations, 28.57% decrease in days spent in the hospital, 20% decrease in residential placements, 69.29% decrease in days spent in residential placement, and a 50.39% decrease in missed school days.

IRSS is a perfect example of Community Reach Center's philosophy of care: treatment at the right time, in the best setting, when it matters most.

Brandon Wilcox was honored with the 2017 George DelGrosso Award by Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council (CBHC) at their annual conference in Breckenridge October 7th.  

According to the award nomination criteria,  the George DelGrosso Advocacy Award seeks to award an individual employed in one of the CBHC member organizations who has devoted their time and energy to make a significant contribution to the mental health and/or substance abuse field by uniquely addressing a problem or improving a situation.  The award honors one Coloradoan each year who has demonstrated a strong commitment to advocate for positive change through a vision of a world left better because of the work this individual has done.  This unsung hero has worked tirelessly, with passion, and with no expectation of recognition to positively impact and leave a significant footprint in our field.

Wilcox is credited with developing Community Reach Center's Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) in 2015. Under Wilcox's leadership, CAB has developed a number of consumer-centered improvements, including a thoughtful "off-boarding" procedure for consumers when clinicians leave a location; modification of telephone procedures and facility signage for ease in finding information; trauma-informed practices regarding loud alarms related to monthly safety drills at CRC facilities; and resources to guide consumers in safety planning.
Wilcox serves on the Office of Behavioral Health Peer Support Training Subcommittee. There he contributes to key quality measures, such as requiring that peer specialists be supervised by experienced peer specialists and ensuring that costs for peer training does not exceed the limited financial means of some potential peer specialists.

He is committed to testing services at Community Reach Center with consumer input, guided by the motto of "nothing about us without us."  Inspired by Wilcox's passion for advocacy, the Peer Specialists Team initiated a mental health stigma pledge within the organization in 2017 that attracted 287 signers.
Congratulations, Brandon, we couldn't be more
proud  and appreciative of you!
Reaching Out to the Community

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Friday, November 10th
8am to 5pm
Community Reach Center
Snowmass Board Room, 2nd Fl.
8931 Huron St.
Thornton, CO 80260

Friday, December 1st
8am to 5pm
Community Reach Center
1870 W. 122nd Ave.
Westminster, CO 80234

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training is a fast-paced, dynamic class that teaches you to recognize risk factors and warning signs for a range of behavioral health problems and how to use the evidence-based five-step Action Plan to provide basic assistance to someone experiencing a mental health crisis.
The Adult Module covers signs, symptoms and behaviors associated with mental health crisis in adults.  The Youth Module  is for any adult who is involved with adolescents. The course covers various mental health challenges common among youth 12 to 18 years of age. Both modules teach the five-step Action Plan. 
You're Invited!

Back by popular demand, Community Reach Center is proud to offer the following free presentation once again. Please RSVP to reserve a seat.   
November 14
1:00 to 3:00pm
"Impact of Trauma
on Mental Wellness
  • Hear impactful stories on unique trauma experiences from the perspective of veterans, immigrants, LGBTQ+ communities - and a survivor of the Columbine High School tragedy
  • Learn the warning signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Discover your community's resources
FREE Speakers Bureau

Community Reach Center offers knowledgeable, engaging presenters who can speak on a variety of mental health-related topics. Examples of presentation topics include:
  • Identifying and Preventing Compassion Fatigue
  • Impacts of Trauma on Mental Wellness
  • Understanding the Realities of Mental Illness
  • Integrated Care: The Mind and Body Connection
  • Improving Family Relationships
  • ......and MORE!
Most  presenters have master's or doctorate degrees. And best of all....the Speakers Bureau is FREE of charge!

CLICK HERE to request a presentation for your business, church, or civic organization.

Community Reach Center is a top-tier behavioral health and wellness provider serving people of all ages at seven outpatient offices and more than 100 community-based sites throughout Adams County, Colorado.   The Center has worked diligently to preserve and promote a commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity within our community healthcare system for nearly 60 years - currently serving more than 20,000 individuals annually.  We employ more than 600 highly trained professionals committed to health and wellness.  
Community Reach Center is a leading integrated care partner in Colorado - meaning that mental healthcare, primary medical care and dental services are provided in one location at dozens of clinics throughout the north Denver metro area.  Additionally, Mountainland Pediatrics, Inc., an affiliate of Community Reach Center, provides primary pediatric care for children from birth through age 21, and is co-located with Community Reach Center's Child Development Center.

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