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A Note from the  CEO

Rick Doucet, CEO
Dear Friends and Supporters,
A few weeks ago, Community Reach Center hosted a Community Conversation at our community campus building in Westminster, facilitated by members of Governor Polis' Behavioral Health Task Force. The mission of the task force is to evaluate and set the road map to improve the current behavioral health system in the state. This includes developing Colorado's "Behavioral Health Blueprint" by June 2020, with anticipated implementation of recommendations starting in July 2020. Community Reach was truly honored to support the task force's efforts by hosting this event.
One of the areas of focus by the task force relates to access to services. The term "access" is a broad one that involves much more than the number of providers available in Colorado. Awareness is a factor. Transportation is a factor. Socioeconomics is a factor. Confidence in the efficacy of treatment is a factor. And individual attitudes about the realities of behavioral health challenges is a big factor.
Community Reach Center is proud to host its first annual Behavioral Health Community Forum on November 22. The topic for discussion is "access." The event is free and open to the community. Legislators, municipal elected officials, business leaders, educators, human service and healthcare providers will also attend to participate in the discussion.

Please accept my personal invitation to attend this important event. Every one of us has the capacity to improve access to healthcare services in Colorado. If you believe that a successful healthcare system must be built on a foundation of solid partnerships and relationships with all sectors of its community then this event is for you!

Join us November 22, 11:30am to 1:30pm at Ciancio's at Hyland Hills Restaurant, and let's start the conversation.
Warm regards,
Rick Doucet
Chief Executive Officer

Reaching Out to the Community
Friday, November 22, 2019
11:30am to 1:30pm
Ciancio's at Hyland Hills Restaurant
9650 Sheridan Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

Mental Health First Aid training is a fast-paced, dynamic class that teaches you to recognize risk factors and warning signs for a range of behavioral health problems, including depression, anxiety, psychosis, substance use disorder and suicidal ideation.  Register today!
FREE Speakers Bureau

Community Reach Center offers knowledgeable, engaging presenters who can speak on a variety of mental health-related topics. Examples of presentation topics include:
  • Identifying and Preventing Compassion Fatigue
  • Impacts of Trauma on Mental Wellness
  • Understanding the Realities of Mental Health Challenges
  • Integrated Care: The Mind and Body Connection
  • Substance Use Disorder: Stigma, Science and Treatment Options
...and many MORE!

And best of all, the Speakers Bureau is FREE of charge!

CLICK HERE to request a presentation for your company, school, church, or civic organization.

Service Highlight
Consumer Advisory Panel launches suicide prevention initiative

Tara has managed multiple mental health challenges since her teens. When her conditions are stable, she exudes a contagious creative and positive energy that infects everyone around her. But the nature of her conditions means that periodically she experiences depression and anxiety so severe that she can barely function. Some days, all her energy is consumed with combating intrusive thoughts about suicide . During a bout in 2018, she went down to her basement and tapped into one of her "go to" self-care activities: art. "I'd been inspired by the Semi-colon project , and the idea that a semi-colon means to take a break at the end of a sentence instead of ending it. I decided to expand upon that idea by incorporating a bucket list - a reason why I'm going to put a pause in my story to take care of my mental health so that I can keep moving forward," said Tara.

And that's how the Semi-colon Bucket List project at Community Reach Center was born. Tara took her proposal to the center's Consumer Advisory Panel (CAP) to give all Community Reach Center clients the opportunity to create their own Semi-colon Bucket List posters, and the CAP unanimously approved. The CAP was formed in 2014 and consists of about 14 members, including Tara, who are living with mental health challenges. They meet monthly to discuss their recovery experiences and frequently make recommendations to Community Reach Center's leadership team regarding program development and service improvement.

With consultation from Community Reach Center's marketing department, a large 11" x 17" blank template in the shape of a semi-colon was created for clients to draw illustrations depicting their bucket lists and hallmarks of their recovery journey. The templates were distributed to clients throughout Community Reach's entire system. The concept was simple, but the results were profound. Eight pieces were selected and made into large framed posters that have been installed in the lobbies of Community Reach Center's outpatient locations . Vibrant and colorful illustrations of self-care concepts mix with bucket list goals and run the gamut from establishing stronger family relationships or pursuing a college degree to venturing into the performance arts or traveling the globe. The expressions are wonderfully abstract, specific, spiritual and whimsical.

We invite you to visit a Community Reach Center outpatient office and check out one of the Semi-colon Bucket List posters.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the project.

Community Reach  services expand to Broomfield

On October 7, 2019 Community Reach Center opened its newest outpatient location at 100 Spader Way in Broomfield, on the second floor of the Broomfield Health and Human Services Building.  A complete spectrum of research-based, outpatient behavioral health services is provided.

Community Reach Center's CEO, Rick Doucet said, "We know that one in four Americans experiences a mental health challenge each year and less than half receive treatment. This is partly due to an insufficient amount of mental health professionals in some communities, and partly due to lack of awareness that those resources are even available. Community Reach is excited to expand services into the City and County of Broomfield, to make a significant contribution toward the community's awareness about treatment options and enhance the public's understanding of mental health challenges."

Additionally, the center began a partnership with Broomfield Pediatrics in September, enabling the primary care practice to provide on-site behavioral health evaluations for young patients as needed. A Community Reach mental health provider works at the office at least one day each week, taking mental referrals, according to Dr. Nancy Greer, pediatrician/owner and Medical Director of Broomfield Pediatrics.
"In this way, we hope to make counseling and mental health services more easily available and accessible to all of our families," she said.

Donations accepted
Can you help?
  1. Travel Size Toiletries (for clients who are homeless and can only carry what they can keep on their person)
  2. Bus passes
  3. Underwear (New, unopened packages, all sizes, especially XL sizes)
  4. Socks (New, unopened packages, all sizes)
  5. Backpacks
  6. Food for client Food Banks located at various Community Reach Center facilities
  7. Sunshade tents for our Summer Youth Program and Day Treatment
  8. Artwork for waiting rooms 
Contact Evan Narotsky, or (303) 853-3472, or simply drop off at the Community Reach Center location nearest you.  Please include a note with your name and contact information with your donation so that you can be properly acknowledged!  (We are unable to accept used clothing, furniture or toys.)

Join Our Team!

If you are looking for a fulfilling healthcare career in the Denver area, we are looking for you! Community Reach Center is staffed by professionals who are passionate about helping others receive the care they deserve. Our employees want more than just a paycheck, they want to be part of something meaningful.

Community Reach Center is a top-tier behavioral health and wellness provider serving people of all ages at eight outpatient offices and more than 100 community-based sites throughout Adams County, Colorado.   The Center has worked diligently to preserve and promote a commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity within our community healthcare system for more than 60 years - currently serving more than 20,000 individuals annually.  We employ more than 600 highly trained professionals committed to health and wellness.  
Community Reach Center is a leading integrated care partner in Colorado - meaning that mental healthcare, primary medical care and dental services are provided in one location at clinics throughout the north Denver metro area.  Additionally, Mountainland Pediatrics, Inc., an affiliate of Community Reach Center, provides primary pediatric care for children from birth through age 21.

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