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A Note from the  CEO
Dear Friends and Supporters,
Rick Doucet, CEO

It's an interesting time in U.S. history, don't you think?  Whatever decisions are made regarding our healthcare system will touch us all. 
We know that uninsured and underinsured people have a higher prevalence of mental health and substance use disorders - health issues that, left untreated, place a heavy financial burden on other public systems such as hospital emergency rooms, schools, public safety agencies, and criminal justice systems.  Consider this:  o ver 41% of the current Colorado inmate population has some level of mental health need, and nearly 20% of those individuals have a serious mental illness.  It costs more than $60,000 per year to keep an individual in a Colorado prison.  It costs less than $8,000 per year to treat an offender in an outpatient setting.  The incarceration cost compounds for inmates with untreated mental illness who are locked up multiple times throughout their lives. 
We at Community Reach Center have two major concerns regarding repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA):
First, elimination of Colorado's insurance exchange will lead to a sizable increase of uninsured people in need of healthcare.  It will force people with persistent mental health conditions out of cost-efficient integrated care sites where their overall physical and mental health is tracked by a multi-disciplinary integrated care team, and back into a more costly "crisis-oriented" model where individuals turn to emergency rooms when their symptoms become unmanageable - a significantly more expensive and less effective care model. We absolutely know that the ability for patients to access all of their healthcare services in the same location increases treatment engagement and decreases the need for more costly interventions such as crisis services and hospitalization. 
Secondly, any revisions to Medicaid that would divert funds away from a mental health payment model that currently covers early intervention, prevention and wellness services such as employment and vocational services, housing assistance, peer specialist services and wellness groups would significantly impair the quality of mental health services provided in our communities . 
We agree that simply guaranteeing access to health insurance doesn't equate to more healthcare services.  In Community Reach Center's case, however, that is the trend we've seen.  Since fiscal year 2012, Community Reach Center has seen a 72% increase in Medicaid recipients and nearly 94% increase in the privately insured coming to us for services. Community Reach Center has demonstrated expertise in how to make capitated payments work successfully for a mental health provider and has embraced a Medicaid payment model that supports integrated care versus a fee-for-service model that fails to take into account the numerous and often interconnected needs of patients. 
As Congress debates ACA repeal and replacement, Community Reach Center has asked Colorado legislators to consider payment models that allow providers to continue to innovate and provide a wide-range of much needed services.  I encourage you to do the same!


Rick Doucet
Chief Executive Officer

Service Highlight
Creating art is important to the Summer Program
Youth Summer Program

The watermelon's on ice, the ice-cream truck is jingling through the streets, and Community Reach Center's School-Based Therapy (SBT) Summer Program is in full swing.

Youngsters in grades K through 8 enjoy a wide range of activities on weekdays, 9am to 1pm, that are strategically designed to focus on building coping skills and frustration tolerance, self-regulation skills, and beefing up overall social engagement and communication skills.  The six week Summer Program currently serves nearly 300 youngsters at locations in Northglenn, Commerce City and Brighton. 

"Just because school ends doesn't mean that mental health takes a break.  Some kiddos still need support through the summer from the School-based Therapy teams so that they maintain the gains they've made during the school year and are well positioned to integrate back to school in fall," said SBT Program Manager Wendy Moore.  

The Summer Program runs 24 different groups at the three locations, each comprised of 12 to 14 participants. Referrals to the SBT Summer Program come from therapists with other Community Reach Center youth services programs, including In Home Resiliency and Support Services, the   Day Treatment Program and, of course, the School-based Therapy Program.  

So far the kids have enjoyed sensory nature walks around their communities, and giggled their way through yoga in the park. They have toured the Hammonds Candy Factory, the Butterfly Pavilion and the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder. They also participate in team building games designed to raise their comfort levels with working in groups and thinking through conflicts to reach a satisfactory resolution.  We know that the kids are benefiting from these evidence-based therapeutic interventions, but the kids just know they're having a blast!

 "The Summer Program is great for our young clients with serious behavioral health challenges," said SBT Program Manager Alexis Ramirez.  "Kids who might not have had any satisfying social relationships at school last year get to meet kids from other schools  in the Summer Program and learn how to cultivate friendships.  The goal is to make their transition back to school smoother in the fall with the a sense of achievement and skills  to be  better prepared for school work and social activities."  

Congratulations, Mountainland Pediatrics, for being named best pediatric practice by Colorado Community Media - AGAIN!

Mountainland Pediatrics is Community Reach Center's pediatric primary care facility, providing high-quality pediatric care that is child-centered, family-focused and committed to supporting every child's mental wellness and meeting their entire healthcare needs. 

Reaching Out to the Community

Mental Health First Aid (Adult Module) Classes

Friday, July 28th
8am to 5pm
Community Reach Center
1870 W. 122nd Ave.
Westminster, CO  80234

Friday, August 11th
8am to 5pm
Community Reach Center
1870 W. 122nd Ave.
Westminster, CO 80234

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training is a fast-paced, dynamic class that teaches you to recognize risk factors and warning signs for a range of behavioral health problems.
The Youth Module is for any adult who is involved with adolescents.  The course covers various mental health challenges common among youth 12 to 18 years of age.   The Adult Module covers signs, symptoms and behaviors associated with mental health crisis in adults.  Both modules teach the  evidence-based five-step Action Plan to provide basic assistance to someone experiencing a mental health crisis.
CLICK HERE to register. More class dates are frequently added to this site.
Speakers Bureau
Free Speakers Bureau

Would your staff or community group like to learn more about stress management? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? How to help someone living with depression? Would you like to better understand the realities of mental health disorders? Community Reach Center can provide a skilled, engaging speaker to present on these and other topics at your next Rotary Club, staff or church group meeting.   CLICK HERE to learn more!

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Community Reach Center is a top-tier behavioral health and wellness provider serving people of all ages at seven outpatient offices and more than 100 community-based sites throughout Adams County, Colorado.   The Center has worked diligently to preserve and promote a commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity within our community healthcare system for nearly 60 years - currently serving more than 13,000 individuals annually.  We employ more than 600 highly trained professionals committed to health and wellness.  
Community Reach Center is a leading integrated care partner in Colorado - meaning that mental healthcare, primary medical care and dental services are provided in one location at dozens of clinics throughout the north Denver metro area.  Additionally, Mountainland Pediatrics, Inc., an affiliate of Community Reach Center, provides primary pediatric care for children from birth through age 21, and is co-located with Community Reach Center's Child Development Center.

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