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A Note from the  CEO

Rick Doucet, CEO

Dear Friends & Supporters,

A study released by the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2013 estimates that 22 veterans die by suicide every day. That's about one veteran suicide every 65 minutes. 

Actually, the number is probably higher. One reason involves the limitations of the study. CNN reported that the 22-per-day figure is based on data submitted between 1999 and 2011 by 21 states. The states that participated in the study represent only about 40% of the U.S. population. The other states, including the two largest (California and Texas), did not make data available.

Another reason that the figure likely low-balls the true occurrence of suicide among veterans is because the factors for under-reporting suicide are complex. For example, the data doesn't capture homeless veterans. Also, it's not uncommon for families to persuade coroners not to document the cause of death as suicide in what they may perceive to be their last opportunity to honor their loved one's memory. Still, the suicides of 22 men and women daily who served our country is worth our attention.

It's important that we not assume that all service members will develop mental health issues, because the majority don't. That being said, a RAND Corporation study reported that at least 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have PTSD or depression, and between 10% and 31% of Vietnam veterans have lifelong struggles with PTSD. And only about half seek treatment. Experts on military culture tell us that expecting military members to tune into their own mental health needs and seek help when they experience symptoms of emotional distress can be a difficult ask because their extensive and intensive training gears their brains to focus on helping others before helping themselves.

There are some practical things that we all can do to be of service to veterans. First, raise our own awareness about the struggles that military families face with each deployment, and the challenges of transitioning back into their communities upon discharge. Muster the courage to start a conversation with anyone - veteran or civilian - who appears to be mentally or emotionally unwell. Make your outreach consistent to prevent them from isolating themselves because isolation can become deadly for someone experiencing prolonged emotional distress. Take a Mental Health First Aid for Veterans and Military class to learn about signs and symptoms of mental health conditions especially pertinent to service members. There are many behavioral health resources available throughout the metro Denver area. Take the time to identify those resources nearest you so that you can be that bridge to the care that someone needs to heal.

As Veteran's Day approaches next month, I encourage you to do whatever feels right to express your appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our veterans and active duty military members. 


Rick Doucet
Chief Executive Officer

Service Highlight
Heather Thompson, 
Director of Nursing
Medical Services Team

Congratulations to the Medical Services Team, named Clinical Team of the Year at the 2018 Community Reach Center All Staff Meeting!
This exceptional team is comprised of about fifty psychiatrists, nurses, nurse practitioners and medical assistants. The Medical Services Team serves all Community Reach Center clients whose evidence-based treatment plans involve medication management in addition to other treatment modalities such as individual and group therapy, psycho-education groups, vocational services and other supports.
Psychiatry is a medical specialty just like other specialties such as cardiology, gastroenterology or orthopedics. Think of the Medical Services Team as brain experts equipped to prescribe medications and provide medication management, brain scans and other tests for clients as indicated.  
There is a common misconception that most people treated for mental health concerns are prescribed medication. Not true, says Chief Medical Officer Ryan Conner. "Actually, only about 25% of the more than 20,000 clients seen at Community Reach Center receive medication management from the Medical Services Team. Based on current research, we know when specific medications should be included in the treatment plan to achieve the best outcomes, and we share those recommendations with the client. However, ours is a very collaborative approach based primarily on the client's treatment goals. If a client prefers to engage in other recommended treatment approaches without medication, their care team supports that."
We know that prevention, early intervention and a comprehensive medical approach is key to stemming the progression and severity of any mental illness, same as with any other medical condition. "When a client is referred to our team, the first thing we do is coordinate a complete medical evaluation to determine if the symptoms the client is experiencing are exclusively associated with a mental health diagnosis or if there is another illness or medical condition involved, "said Dr. Conner.
The Medical Services Team is integrated into all Community Reach outpatient locations to deliver consults on difficult cases in addition to client care. Team members provide valuable training for residents, nursing and medical students.  The also instruct Community Reach staff on the automated external defibrillators (AED) located at each office in the event of a cardiac event and on the administration of Narcan in case of an opioid overdose. 

The most recent testament to the Medical Services Team's impact at Community Reach Center involves treatments for substance use disorders. The team is a key player with the medication assisted treatment program, providing oversight for administering Suboxone, Vivitrol and other medications proven to help clients achieve recovery from opioid or alcohol addiction.

CEO Rick Doucet in the News

An excellent segment by Channel 7 identifies the importance of upstream intervention in curtailing hospitalization, featuring Community Reach Center CEO Rick Doucet.

Reaching Out to the Community

Mental Health First Aid  training is a fast-paced, dynamic class that teaches you to recognize risk factors and warning signs for a range of behavioral health problems, including depression, anxiety, psychosis, substance use disorder and suicidal ideation.
The Adult Module covers scenarios associated with mental health crisis in adults.  The Youth Module is for any adult who is involved with adolescents, and covers various mental health challenges common among youth 12 to 18 years of age. The Veterans & Military Module is for anyone interested in learning how to best support service members who are experiencing behavioral health challenges.  All modules teach the same evidence-based 5-step Action Plan  to provide basic assistance to someone experiencing a mental health crisis.

  Click on the class you wish to register for.

October 25, 2018 | 8am to 5pm - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Bison Ridge Recreation Center
13905 E 112th Ave, Commerce City, CO 80022

October 29, 2018 | 8am to 5pm - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Platte Valley Medical Center
1600 Prairie Center Parkway, Brighton, CO 80601

January 25, 2019 | 8am to 5pm - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Community Reach Center
11285 Highline Dr., Northglenn, CO 80233

December 5, 2018 | 8am to 5pm - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
Community Reach Center
11285 Highline Dr., Northglenn, CO 80230

You're Invited!

(L-R) Lindy Lewis, Marketing & Communications Manager; Sister Patricia Haden; Evan Narotsky, Event & Outreach Specialist/Tournament Director
2018 Golf Tournament a big green success!

So say the 174 golfers who played in the 38th Annual Reach for the Green Golf Tournament Tuesday, Sept. 11, at Todd Creek Golf Club in Thornton, raising more than $54,000 to support integrated mental health services in Adams County.
The annual Donald C. Ciancio Philanthropic Award was presented to St. Anthony North Health Campus and accepted by Vice President of Mission Integration Sister Patricia Haden during the tournament luncheon. 
"Besides their collaboration in helping us launch our crisis walk-in center and stabilization unit at the 84th Avenue Neighborhood Health Center in Westminster four years ago, St. Anthony North has been a generous and consistent supporter of Community Reach Center," said Adams County Sheriff Michael McIntosh, who serves on Community Reach Center's board.
The lowest score of the day, 49, was posted in the morning flight by Rob Webber, Scott Rafferty, Patrick Lynch and Brett Orr representing Susan Webber Homes. The second-best score of the day, 51, was posted by the winner team in the afternoon flight Michael Bowden, Rob Koresec, Todd Fackler, and Joe Johnson of BrightView Landscape.
The event is dedicated to founding Community Reach Center supporters - the late Donald C. Ciancio and his mother, the late Mary Ciancio. Launching the tournament in 1980 to honor his mother's legacy as a mental health advocate, Don Ciancio's "persuasive fundraising style" as Sheriff McIntosh described it, continues to be a driving force behind the tournament's success.
Genoa Healthcare was this year's gold sponsor in a field of more than 25 main sponsors in addition to numerous silent auction donors, hole sponsors and in-kind contributors.

FREE Speakers Bureau

Community Reach Center offers knowledgeable, engaging presenters who can speak on a variety of mental health-related topics. Examples of presentation topics include:
  • Identifying and Preventing Compassion Fatigue
  • Impacts of Trauma on Mental Wellness
  • Understanding the Realities of Mental Health Challenges
  • Integrated Care: The Mind and Body Connection
  • Improving Family Relationships

...and many MORE!


And best of all, the Speakers Bureau is FREE of charge!

CLICK HERE to request a presentation for your company, school, church, or civic organization.

Join Our Team!

If you are looking for a fulfilling healthcare career in the Denver area, we are looking for you! Our team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about helping others receive the care they deserve. Our employees want more than just a paycheck, they want to be part of something meaningful.

Community Reach Center is a top-tier behavioral health and wellness provider serving people of all ages at seven outpatient offices and more than 100 community-based sites throughout Adams County, Colorado.   The Center has worked diligently to preserve and promote a commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity within our community healthcare system for nearly 60 years - currently serving more than 20,000 individuals annually.  We employ more than 500 highly trained professionals committed to health and wellness.  
Community Reach Center is a leading integrated care partner in Colorado - meaning that mental healthcare, primary medical care and dental services are provided in one location at dozens of clinics throughout the north Denver metro area.  Additionally, Mountainland Pediatrics, Inc., an affiliate of Community Reach Center, provides primary pediatric care for children from birth through age 21, and is co-located with Community Reach Center's Child Development Center.

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