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Hello CCFM Family,

I hope this newsletter finds you well, continuing to shelter in place and practicing social distancing. California as a whole, and most of Orange County, is doing a very good job. Our lower percentages of both positive COVID-19 patients and those with serious infections including fatalities are reflected in the lower numbers. However, please realize that as testing becomes more available, and we test more patients, the number of positive cases will rise. Among those positive cases, each person will have likely infected 2-3 other people according to the ongoing transmission data.
Following Best Practices  
To Keep You And Your Family Safe  
We need to continue to follow public health measures that restrict close contact with others outside of our immediate home. Anything you bring into your home from the outside, you need to sterilize and liberally wash your hands. Make it a habit to layer your clothing and to throw your outside layer immediately into your washing machine. Take off all outdoor shoes before going into your home, take off your face mask and let it air dry for preferably 7 days, but at least 3 days before using it again. Do your best not to touch the outside of the mask. Be sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds once entering your home and before touching anything else. 
Let Science Be Your Guide 
The video below provides a scientific explanation as to why you need to cover up your nose and mouth when going outdoors. It not only protects others when you cough or sneeze but covering up will reduce your risk of exposure after someone else coughs or sneezes.  
How virus transmits? 
How a virus transmits
Masks Soon To Be Made Available At CCFM
As mentioned in my last newsletter, I will have a large supply of KN-95 masks arriving at my office in about 10 days, please call my office to place your order. Each mask costs $8, and for every mask purchased, CCFM will donate $3 to the Dominguez-Roth Foundation to continue providing more medical supplies to the community that is so lacking in resources at this time. 
The Dominguez Roth Foundation In Our Community 
Last Friday, the Dominguez-Roth Foundation donated nutritional supplement packets and essential oils to be distributed to homeless and near homeless patients at the LA Christian Health Clinic who tested positive for COVID-19. 
Lessons Learned 
It is good to remember what our high school and college history teachers used to say, learn from the mistakes of our past so you don't repeat them in the future. In addition, we should look to improve on resolutions from the past to provide better outcomes today. I found the following article comparing the HIV pandemic to CoV-2 pandemic useful and thought provoking. May we all do our part to not leave anyone behind as we keep ourselves well.
To be directed to The Lancet Article  
Telemedicine What You Need To Know 
We are available for telemedicine phone and Zoom for Telehealth video visits, please call our office to schedule your visit. "In network patients can have these visits billed to insurance. Below you will find what "out of network" patients need to know. 
1. If you are a PPO patient but "out of network", we will still be able to bill insurance and we will provide you medical claim documentation to mail in to your insurance to request reimbursement, if allowed by provider.  
2. HMO patients are the exception, in which case telemedicine visits would have to be with their primary care physician. 
Please feel free to call for an appointment or if you have any questions about your insurance. Please call first before coming into the office if you are having acute symptoms, we will properly triage your care on the phone. 
To your optimal health,
Dr. Marcela Dominguez, M.D. 
Angela Fernandez, N.P.
Alison Gracom, P.A.
Rachelle Rodriguez, N.P. 
and the CCFM Team 

Dominguez-Roth Foundation
One of my former patients, before she passed away from advanced ovarian cancer, asked if I would create a non profit corporation with her. She wanted her legacy to: 
1. Provide community education about the importance of integrative medicine
2. Help provide funding for integrative medical research and development
3. Provide financial assistance to patients who want to take an integrative medical approach to their care, but cannot afford it

I am honored to carry her torch and help fulfill her legacy. 
We will provide more information once our website remodel has been completed.


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