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Exciting New Changes To CCFM Concierge!   
I am exited to announce a change to my practice. Starting Sept. 1, 2020, I will be joining UCI Health - Newport Beach, located at 2161 San Joaquin Hills Road, Newport Beach, CA 92660.  
This beautiful, new medical facility takes an innovative approach to healthcare, focusing on every aspect of your life-mind, body and spirit-to find the root cause of illness and prevent disease. 
Being part of UCI Health will allow me to continue to provide you with the same level of personalized care you expect, while also streamlining your access to the only university-based team of integrative health specialists in Orange County.
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When to retest if you've been COVID positive?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued guidance regarding re-testing of COVID+ patients. Dr. Susan Huang and the UCI Health Epidemiology and Infection Prevention team have reviewed this guidance and developed further direction to assist in applying this in practice at UCI Health.
Clinical Update  
No Re-Testing of COVID+ Patients Within 90 Days

Per CDC guidance, providers should not retest a COVID POSITIVE patient within 90 days of a positive PCR test
Why not re-test?
Are there any exceptions?  
Yes, but very few
Exceptions - re-testing allowed within 90 days
  • Inpatient is transferring to a facility requiring it
  • Clinical trial protocol requires it (must be ordered via trial protocol)
  • Infectious diseases (ID) specialist is ordering the test
Re-testing not allowed within 90 days:
  • Do not send for "test of cure"
  • Do not re-test within 90 days for pre-operative/procedural reasons
  • Do not re-test because an employer demands it contrary to CDC guidance. Use CDC guidance for clearance and provide a letter confirming clearance without a test. OCHCA is asking providers to educate the public on proper clearance.
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As always, I am available to you. Please contact me with any questions or concerns, as your care is a priority to me. Thank you again for the trust you have placed in me as your personal physician. I look forward to seeing you in my new UCI Health - Newport Beach home.
With gratitude,
Dr. Marcela Dominguez, M.D.  

Dominguez-Roth Foundation
One of my former patients, before she passed away from advanced ovarian cancer, asked if I would create a non profit corporation with her. She wanted her legacy to: 
1. Provide community education about the importance of integrative medicine
2. Help provide funding for integrative medical research and development
3. Provide financial assistance to patients who want to take an integrative medical approach to their care, but cannot afford it

I am honored to carry her torch and help fulfill her legacy. 
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