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Happy Easter Everyone!

As I finished my virtual online video Easter service with my Laguna Presbyterian Church this morning, I realize that as lovely as the service was, I miss the cozy feeling of other church members in the pews next to me. I am very eager, just as all of you, to get back to more social interactions that matter so much to us as humans. But, for now, in order to get to this desired destination, we must continue to stay home, shelter in place, and socially distance ourselves.  
Facial Mask Protection  
If you are going outside, I highly recommend you wear a facial mask or at least cover your mouth and nose with some form of protection, to reduce your exposures and risk of spreading anything to others. Realize that not all protection is as effective as others. A medical grade mask with "95" in the title will give you the best protection in the community, and these types of masks are very hard if not impossible to find. Fortunately, I have a patient who does regular business in China and is able to order me a limited supply of KN95 facial masks. If you'd like to purchase a mask, please call my office asap as the supply will likely run out soon. The cost is $8, and for every mask you buy for yourself and others you know, CCFM will donate $3 to my non-profit organization, the Dominguez-Roth Foundation, to help donate essential medical supplies to community organizations that cannot obtain supplies themselves.
CCFM patients will be able to pick up face masks via "curb side" pick-up. Contact our office to obtain pick up days and times. 
The Dominguez-Roth Foundation has donated masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers to the Laguna Food Pantry to help protect staff and volunteers that help deliver food to the people who need help during this challenging time. Anyone who needs food assistance is encouraged to come to the Laguna Food Pantry to pick up weekly perishable and nonperishable groceries, go to to learn more. There is no paperwork or criteria to receive food, so please come and share with your neighbors. My children and I volunteered several times over spring break this past week, and what a wonderful feeling to be of service during this difficult time. They can always use more volunteers to help. The Dominguez-Roth Foundation has also donated 30 KN95 masks and 12 hand sanitizers to the Laguna Beach Community Clinic. When I met with one of their physicians to drop off my donation, she was wearing a basic facial mask that does not protect her as well as a "95" mask, and yet, she is front line helping the lower income and homeless people of Laguna Beach! I am glad to know that my very small contribution will help provide more protection to their medical staff from COVID-19 infections. 
The Latest Research 
I always want to pass along useful medical information as it becomes available. The new studies coming out from the Chinese population of COVID-19 positive patients with severe illness help us to better protect ourselves from suffering the same fate. Preventing the illness is best, but if you get cold symptoms, specifically fever, cold, and/or shortness being the more classic COVID-19 symptoms but there could be variations and other infectious organisms out there too, please notify me or your more regular primary care provider.
To be directed to Pub Med Article  
(Kui L, Fang YY, Deng Y, Liu W, Wang MF, Ma JP, et al. Clinical characteristics of novel coronavirus cases in tertiary hospitals in Hubei Province [published online ahead of print, 2020 Feb 7] Chin Med J (Engl) 2020 101097/CM90000000000000744. doi:101097/CM90000000000000744.  
The Benefit Of Zinc 
 I recommend 15-30mg daily dose and adding in Zinc lozenges 10-15 mg 3-4 times daily at onset of any cold symptoms.   
To be directed to Pub Med Article "Zinc for the common cold"  
Update On The Teen Support Group 
As a follow up to a prior newsletter, one of my patients, Melissa Boswell, will be conducting a very useful online Teens Peer Support group. Please see below for the final details. I encourage anyone who has teenage children to consider joining this group. It is free to participate because the Dominguez-Roth Foundation is covering the cost of Melissa's service.  

Click on the flyer to learn more
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We Are Here For You! 
Please stay indoors with your immediate family as much as possible, and if going outside for essentials, please social distance at least 6 feet and protect your mouth and nose.
We are offering telemedicine visits. Recent changes due to the coronavirus allow medical providers to bill insurance for telemedicine visits especially if you are "in network". For our "out of network" patients, here is what you need to know. 
1. If you are a PPO patient but "out of network", we will still be able to bill insurance and we will provide you medical claim documentation to mail in to your insurance to request reimbursement, if allowed by provider.  
2. HMO patients are the exception, in which case telemedicine visits would have to be with their primary care physician. 
Please feel free to call for an appointment or if you have any questions about your insurance. Please call first before coming into the office if you are having acute symptoms, we will properly triage your care on the phone. 
To your optimal health,
Dr. Marcela Dominguez, M.D. 
Angela Fernandez, N.P.
Alison Gracom, P.A.
Rachelle Rodriguez, N.P. 
and the CCFM Team 

Dominguez-Roth Foundation
One of my former patients, before she passed away from advanced ovarian cancer, asked if I would create a non profit corporation with her. She wanted her legacy to: 
1. Provide community education about the importance of integrative medicine
2. Help provide funding for integrative medical research and development
3. Provide financial assistance to patients who want to take an integrative medical approach to their care, but cannot afford it

I am honored to carry her torch and help fulfill her legacy. 
We will provide more information once our website remodel has been completed.


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