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Hello CCFM Family,

I do hope that all of you are finding ways to shelter in place and stay well. As time goes by, it is more apparent that we all need to do our part to stay indoors, away from other people as much as possible, to greatly reduce spreading Coronovirus (COVID-19) to other people. Asymptomatic people who are carrying the virus can easily infect other people, who can then either get sick themselves, or infect other family members. This virus is uniquely dangerous, in that it: 
1. Takes advantage of our own cell receptors to get in and infect cells
2. Greatly impairs our own immune system to contain and kill it
3. Causes a large and diffuse inflammatory cascade, called a "cytokine storm", that overwhelms our bodies and causes a lot of collateral damage.  
Another Helpful Recommendation 
I recommend Melatonin 5-10mg nightly before bed. 
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T he Benefit Of Frankinsense Essential Oils
I have mentioned years ago using Frankinsense essential oils to help reduce inflammation. You can find my prior newsletter on my website at, under CCFM Newsletters "April 2018". 
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Update On The Teen Support Group 
Lastly, as I mentioned in a prior newsletter, we are putting together a teens online emotional support group. We have not finalized the dates yet, as we are working through the liability logistics, but anticipate we will have the classes available in the next 1-2 weeks. I will email another newsletter at that time.   
We Are Here For You! 
We are available to do telemedicine phone or face time visits and can bill your insurance. Please call our office to schedule your appointment with any of our providers.
To your optimal health,
Dr. Marcela Dominguez, M.D. 
Angela Fernandez, N.P.
Alison Gracom, P.A. 
and the CCFM Team 

Dominguez-Roth Foundation
One of my former patients, before she passed away from advanced ovarian cancer, asked if I would create a non profit corporation with her. She wanted her legacy to: 
1. Provide community education about the importance of integrative medicine
2. Help provide funding for integrative medical research and development
3. Provide financial assistance to patients who want to take an integrative medical approach to their care, but cannot afford it

I am honored to carry her torch and help fulfill her legacy. 
We will provide more information once our website remodel has been completed.


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