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The Long View    
We do so many things with the hope of a "quick fix." And, when it comes to our health, many practitioners are happy to comply. There are plenty of little white pills that will give one the sense that they are cured, or at the very least, that the body is getting better. But in most cases, the pill or capsule prescribed to help is the very thing that breaks down the body's own ability to heal.

A powerful example of this can be found in the recent, tragic death of superstar, Glenn Frey. Battling long term autoimmune disease with immunosuppresant medication severely compromises the body's ability to ward off infection. When that infection sets in, there is simply nowhere for the body to turn, no reserves to fight and heal. 
This is where the "long view comes in..." Optimal health comes when we work together to:  
  • Identify and remove your personal triggers that induce illness
  • Design a customized dietary and lifestyle approach to safely and effectively...
  • Restore and maintain optimal cellular function.
    There really is no "quick fix." The good news is the body is a healing machine. Recognizing this...and joining it in the work... is the power of the long view.
    To your optimal health,

    Dr. Marcela Dominguez, Dr. Cheryl Thomas, Janene Kraft and the CCFM Team 

    It takes a decade to nurture a vine into it's fruit bearing years. Tending the soil, providing the right nutrients, and exercising just the right amount of patience ensures abundance for generations-Janene Kraft, Sanctuary Living
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