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My War On Cancer 
Part 5 - Electromagnetic Radiation   

Hello again. Now that summer is officially over, we are back on track with our monthly communications.   


Our last newsletter summarized the connection between cancer and chronic infections. The topic this month is electromagnetic radiation as it relates to the development and propagation of cancer.


Electrmagnetic radiation (EMR), in simple terms, is a form of energy that causes heat along with the production of free radicals, both contributing to damage to cellular DNA, mitochondria, cell membranes, and other components of the cell. Although our cells are equipped with innate mechanisms to help repair radiation damage, repeated damage to cells can lead to permanent alteration in genetic expression (turning on cancer promoting oncogenes and silencing tumor suppressor genes) and mitochondrial dysfunction that inhibits normal aerobic metabolism and facilitates an acidic environment, the perfect combination for cancer development. 


Common sources of electromagnetic radiation include cell phones and cell phone towers, telephone poles, microwave ovens, cordless phones, computers, televisions, hair dryers, sunlight, x-rays, CT scans, and pet scans. Every patient should attempt to reduce his or her exposure to EMR in order to reduce cellular damage.  


Here are some suggestions of how you can reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation:


1. Minimize use of above mentioned appliances

2. Switch all home cordless phones to traditional corded phones

3. Keep cell phones and all wireless devices at least arm's distance from your body at all times, and use corded hands free devices versus wireless devices

4. Reduce use of  cell phone and wireless devices for children as studies have shown their less mature bodies can have greater heat absorption 

5. Practice grounding on a daily basis (have your body come into direct contact with the earth). Grounding allows the beneficial electromagnetic waves from the earth to help negate the negative EMR exposure. Examples include walking in the park, on the sand at the beach, having your lunch while sitting on the grass)

6. Reading more about EMR and its affect on the body, a good recommendation includes Electromagnetic Health: Making Sense of the Research and Practical Solutions for EMF by Case Adams ND (you can order this on Amazon)



To your optimal health,

Dr. Marcela Dominguez and Dr. Cheryl Thomas 
and the CCFM Team








We are pleased to announce the newest member of our team 

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Casey Carter, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor and Naturopath to our practice.    

Casey's commitment includes traveling the world to learn from the leaders in each field of expertise before developing her practice over the past 30 years.  Casey brings a wonderful blend of world-class education and experience to Complete Care Family Medicine.


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Insurance companies are making it more challenging for doctors to bill for specialty labs. They question any testing done outside of conventional medicine, and often label testing as not medically indicated, or experimental, and will deny coverage even though benefits indicate they should cover the cost. For this reason, effective April 1, 2014, we will no longer bill insurance for specialty lab testing. We will recommend ways to allow insurance to help cover the cost based on a patient's benefit plan, or we can offer a more affordable cash price. Please contact our office for more information. 


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