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The Pursuit of Happiness     
Hello everyone! I'm reaching out to all of you during a very happy time for me. Both of my kids are finishing yet another busy school year, and we get to spend more time with each other, planning fun, adventurous trips together. I have come to realize, though, as I help some of my patients find their happiness and wellness, that happiness is a commodity not easily found for some. Many people do suffer with feelings of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and phobias, either from certain life events, or for some people they have been suffering most of their lives despite their heroic efforts to find long term happiness. I have always felt that mental health, just as physical health, comes from the foundation of optimal cellular health, and giving the body a healing environment to do its best work. A foundation of optimal nutrition is an essential building block to achieve this optimal cellular surrounding.

A dear patient of mine provided me with a very powerful video that I wanted to share, as it inspired her and also inspired me to again share this helpful information, and help everyone successfully achieve the pursuit of happiness!

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To your optimal health,

Dr. Marcela Dominguez, Dr. Cheryl Thomas and the CCFM Team 

Essential Oils Education Discussion

Thursday July 21st  
5:30pm to 7:30pm 
Dr Dominguez  
Jen O'Sullivan present  
"Harnessing Nature's Pharmacy"
A look at natural health supplementation with nutrition and essential oils: Ways to maximize the benefits of Nature's Pharmacy 

Registration is $5 and comes with a free Summertime blues essential oil blend
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Essential Oils Top

Make your own Summertime blues
essential oil blend.

Using a 5mL roller bottle, create a synergy using 5 drops Sacred Frankincense, 3 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce, 3 drops Bergamot, and 2 drops each Lavender and Lime.

Swirl the bottle to synergize the essential oils and then top the bottle off with grapeseed oil.

Place rollerball top on. Swirl the bottle to blend all ingredients. Roll on the bottom of your feet focusing on the pads of your big toes, on your wrists, and back of the neck 2-4 times per day or as needed.

Put a little in your hand, cup your hands over your nose and breathe in deeply three times. 

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