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Healing Spaces    
I just returned from a wonderful ski vacation in Park City with my husband and two kids. We had such a fantastic time together, enjoying each others' company as well as the breath taking scenery, and of course phenomenal snow conditions. I am completely rejuvenated from this vacation, and can't wait to plan our next vacation somewhere.
A patient of mine, who has struggled for many years with severe depression, shared with me how happy she feels when she travels to Sun Valley, Idaho, and how her current living situation can't even compare to that space, which can lead to a spiraling decrease of elated emotions, a flying parachute without any air.
Yet, I pondered, on the drive home, why can't I feel this healed everyday at home? Why do I need a vacation, or a get away, to fill up my depleting tank? What I learned quickly was that I do feel moments of healing each day, but many times fail to sustain them, and therefore don't feel a consistent uplifting feeling, rather a grinding down and hanging feeling until my next vacation.
I feel all of us need to have a healing place where we live each day, to feel our best. Have your home and work space reflect your happy spaces in life - we can all usually appreciate how someone else can transform spaces for us, but it would be nice to learn how to do this for ourselves on a regular basis. Our Napa Valley retreat coming up in April can provide you with tools and resources to make this a reality for you. I hope you will join me there so we can learn together and enjoy each others' company. Please see below for further information.    

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Dr. Marcela Dominguez, Dr. Cheryl Thomas and the CCFM Team 


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