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My War On Cancer 
Part 3 - Inflammation 

Many of you may be aware that underlying chronic inflammation in the body fuels all health ailments. Cancer is definitely allowed to develop and grow in an environment of chronic inflammation. The inflammation can come from any source, such as allergies, food intolerances, infections, injuries, toxin exposure, and poor lifestyle habits. After an acute inflammatory response, such as a cold and your immune system stimulating the fight to combat the infectious agent, the immune system should return to a more normal surveillance mode for our optimal health. What happens frequently is our immune system stays on stimulated mode because of the above-mentioned triggers, and over time, immune dysfunction occurs. This is a big reason why autoimmune disorders are ever increasing in patients; often patients can have multiple autoimmune disorders because of the common underlying theme of a dysfunctional immune system. 


There are ways to determine whether you have chronic inflammation. One way is ongoing symptoms, even if they are subtle and not causing you much distress. I use allergies as an example, because many patients have either intermittent or constant year round mild nasal drainage, sinus congestion, itchy/red eyes, itchy skin, and/or sneezing. Patients will often take an over the counter antihistamine and say their allergies are "under control". However, all of these symptoms indicate that something in your body is stimulating your immune system in an abnormal way, I consider allergy symptoms the tip of the iceberg and it's up to us to find the underlying causes and remove them and help restore normal immune function. As I mentioned before, your healthy immune system is your best defense against getting cancer, so it is critical, in my opinion that this evaluation be done. There are a number of lab tests we can order to help us identify sources of inflammation, and as everyone's cause of inflammation varies, so will the type of testing ordered.


I highly encourage you to think about whether you might have some ongoing nagging symptoms that haven't resolved on their own, are becoming more frequent, and/or are worsening over time. You likely have underlying inflammation, and you should consider contacting our office for a visit to further discuss and investigate. Even if you are currently working with us, unless your symptoms have resolved and you're feeling great, we need to continue searching and supporting proper balance and optimal bodily function. We look forward to seeing you soon to help you removed unwanted inflammation. 



To your optimal health,

Dr. Marcela Dominguez and Dr. Cheryl Thomas 
and the CCFM Team








Specialty testing and  

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Insurance companies are making it more challenging for doctors to bill for specialty labs. They question any testing done outside of conventional medicine, and often label testing as not medically indicated, or experimental, and will deny coverage even though benefits indicate they should cover the cost. For this reason, effective April 1, 2014, we will no longer bill insurance for specialty lab testing. We will recommend ways to allow insurance to help cover the cost based on a patient's benefit plan, or we can offer a more affordable cash price. Please contact our office for more information. 


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