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SIIA Trade Show Recap
By: Nicola Heredia
Complete Health Systems has been long time supporters of the Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc., or SIIA. In September, we attended their 36th Annual National Educational Conference and Expo, which was held in Austin, TX. As in year's past, we had the opportunity to meet with fellow professionals within the healthcare industry.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by and visited our booth.  

Every year, CHS conducts a raffle for gift cards or other valuable prizes at the SIIA Educational Conference. W e gave our winners an opportunity to give back to a worthy cause by donating their prize to a charitable organization. Americans continue to face hardships in different capacities, and CHS believes that giving back in hard times is important.

How It Worked
Each winner received a $50 debit card. In addition, they were able to select a charity that they would like CHS to donate to. The charity will receive a $50 donation. However, if it was one of the three charities that CHS likes to support (Children's Miracle Network, Wounded Warrior Project or Salvation Army), the CHS donation to the charity was doubled to $100.

Congrats to our four winners! 

HHS' Office of Civil Rights Alert Public of Potential Cyber Security Risk
By; Nicola Heredia
On November 28, the Health and Human Services' Office of Civil Rights made an announcement alerting the public that there was a potential security risk at play. A phishing email was circulating impersonating the OCR's director in an effort to trick individuals into opening the email.

The email's layout appeared official and focused on employees of HIPAA covered entities. The goal of the email was to entice readers to click on the link. This would direct them to a non-governmental website that was unrelated to the OCR. 

Alerting individuals that this email exists helps to eliminate the security risk that this type of email can cause. Unfortunately, the trouble is identifying real emails from potentially dangerous, phishing emails.

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