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Skill testing question

Best boat name this month
"Crews Control"
Captain Conchs Pearl of Wisdom
pearl of wisdom 
"Spring painting a yacht always takes 2oz more than the can holds"

The correct answer to last months question was


Virgin Gorda

Conchgrats to 



Gary Case


 your Conch Charters cap is on the way to you.


Choice of colors
Choice of colors

Now in yellow, red, grey and pink as well as the original blue 

Rob Hindley
Rob before his Spartan Race Mud Run
Running out of new pictures so don't forget to send me pictures of you wearing your Conch Caps
Conch rum
Conch Superior Rum
Leopard 4700 external
Sailvation cockpit
Forward cabin
Aft cabin
Fwd cabin
Forward Cabin

Conch Charters 


Conch News 

Searching for a cure  



"Hi all.........what a ride! Wet, bumpy and bruising, but I am so happy to have got it done safely. I want to thank everyone for the support, which has come in many many different ways.
Specifically I would like the thank the overnight "shore support" of Gerard, Jaeda, Kirst, Mands and Els....great company and kept me going through the night, thank you guys!
Also to thank my Mum and Dad for the similar support during the trip....its was needed. There will be a full report to follow, once I have got myself sorted out, rested and put together the footage I took during the trip....sadly however I didnt get a picture of the flying fish! But brought back one or two in the boat!....Thank you again one and all for your support and pledges, its been worthwhile for Chaya and everyone that has Vitiligo!"

Andrew Waters 


If you are in the BVI on Saturday 15 June Andrew will be doing a slide show and sharing his adventure with us at the Royal BVI Yacht Club at 7pm


Andrew sets off
Andrew sets off on his challenge



Solo Circumnavigation of the BVI

 "Sailing for a Cure" 


For further information and or to make a pledge please contact Andrew

Did You Know


"Cockpit" seems to derive from the pit where cock fighting took place.


In fact the cockpit at sea was an area below decks where in battle a surgeon performed his grisly task.


Lord Nelson died below decks in Victoria's "cockpit" 



Conch "Gulp"

3 oz Conch Superior Rum bottle with each charter

3 oz Pineapple juice

3 oz Orange juice

1/2 oz Grapefruit juice

1/2 oz Grenadine

1 oz Coco lopez

Dash of bitters


  The Pink Conch Shell         

Combine all ingredients in a
cocktail shaker and shake until frothy.


Serve over ice in a tall glass.


Relax in the Summer Sun and think of the BVI!! 

Skill Testing Question

On which Island in the BVI is "Vixen Point" 
Hint: There is a bar ashore called the Sand Box
Boat For Sale


The Leopard 4700 is a superb air conditioned catamaran from the designers of Robertson & Caine in South Africa that combines style, performance, quality and comfort. 

Interior Features

A U-shaped galley with refrigeration combined with the dining area makes preparation and catering on board a pleasure.

The well laid out interior has four guest cabins with queen size beds, ample storage and fans to cool you down if you prefer the breeze to air conditioning.  Each guest cabin has an ensuite shower and head.


The generator and air conditioning will keep you comfortable in any weather. 

Exterior Features

Apart from accommodating a full crew comfortably in the cockpit for dinner or relaxing , there is a large swim platform with easy walk through access to the cockpit 


A full bimini provides great shade from the hot Caribbean sunshine.



4700 outside
Click on link for full details



Contact for more details




 Last minute deal 2 weeks for the price of one Mid season week on remaining monohulls until 30 August. 
Only a few small gaps left
Direct bookings only  
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