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June 2013
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Drill exercises identify flaws
ADEC Updates the Board
Cook Inlet RCAC weighs in
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Our Mission is to represent the citizens of Cook Inlet in promoting environmentally safe marine transportation and oil facility operations in Cook Inlet.
Drill exercises identify flaws, while aiming for perfection

Drill participants go over spill scenario for Cook Inlet Pipe Line Of course, we'll never be perfect. But drill exercises are designed to identify what's likely to work well--and what might not--during an actual event, in a safe and controlled setting. Read more

Commissioner Hartig updates the Board on ADEC issuesDEC Logo

Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Larry Hartig presented information on a number of issues that are of particular interest to Cook Inlet RCAC at our May Board of Directors meeting. Read more.  

Cook Inlet RCAC weighs in on permits affecting the inlet Spartan 151 Jack Up Rig
The State of Alaska and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently submitted a Cook Inlet wastewater discharge permit for public comment, with the goal of reissuing the exploration component of the 2007 Permit as two general permits--one in Federal Waters (AKG-28-5100) and one in State Waters (AKG-31-5100) of Cook Inlet. Read more.

Lynda Giguere
Director of Public Outreach
Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Counci
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June 21 
The PROPS Committee (Prevention, Response, Operations and Safety); Cook Inlet Aquaculture Center in Kenai.Call (907) 283-7222 for more information.

June 28
Kenai Peninsula Fishermen's Association Annual Meeting (1pm - 6pm)
Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association (CIAA) community meeting room (907 283-5761)