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Created by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, our Mission is representing citizens in promoting environmentally safe marine transportation and oil facility operations.

April 2016 Cook Inlet Navigator
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CIRCAC reviews make oil spill contingency plans stronger
All of Cook Inlet's crude oil related Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plans (C-Plans) are tho r oughly rev i e w ed b y CI R CAC's P r o t ocol Control C om m itte e . As a na m ed re v i e w e r under state regulation we work with State agencies and industry to ensure each C-Plan meets regulatory requirements and best available technology standards. By providing a multi-tier review process that calls on the in-house expertise and local knowledge of our staff and most importantly that of our Board of Directors, we are able to bring decades of experience to bear to produce concise and salient comments for consideration by the State.

Gretchen Saupe shows off a CIRCAC coffee mug
ComFish provides opportunities to hear from community, promote CIRCAC initiatives
In March, CIRCAC was in Kodiak for ComFish, Alaska's largest fish expo, to promote our projects and initiatives and meet with residents of the beautiful island community. This year Alaska Lt. Governor Byron Mallott, Fish and Game Commissioner Sam Cotten, and staff with Senator Lisa Murkowski's office paid us a visit at our booth. In addition to participating in the three day event, CIRCAC took the time to visit Kodiak High School to encourage seniors to apply for a CIRCAC Scholarship and dropped by the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center where they were holding a training session led by Jane Eiseman and attended by CIRCAC Board Member Rob Lindsey, in preparation for a planned on-water oil spill response drill exercise.
Jane Eiseman leads spill training at Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

As to be expected, ComFish sessions focused on the most pressing fishing industry topics; among them, graying of Alaska's fleet and loss of access to Alaska's fisheries, causes of decline in size-at-age Pacific halibut, ocean acidification and climate change; fish market updates and state fiscal challenges. Among items of interest at CIRCAC's booth were the Coastal Impressions catalogs of the Gulf Coast ShoreZone imagery, annual reports, updates on various projects and free gifts. The beautiful scenery, interesting and friendly people, and important issues make every visit to Kodiak a highlight of CIRCAC's public outreach program.

At the end of the day,
it's time to socialize.
Meet 2015 CIRCAC Scholarship Recipient Annie Looman
Many of us can remember that one special teacher, the one who gave us an extra nudge in a direction we hadn't thought of going.  For Annie Looman, that inspiration came from her advisor at Kodiak High School.

CIRCAC developing Geographic Response Information Database (GRID) to improve oil spill response
Oil spill responders need access to a lot of information, such as is there sufficient space at dock facilities, enough draft to accommodate response vessels, places to hold community meetings, hospitals, and where they are located. It's true that this information can be found in a number of references such as the local yellow pages or often in the State/Federal Unified or Subarea Plans. Unfortunately, the manner in which information is compiled and made available often hinders, rather than helps, an oil spill response and can frustrate incident management personnel.   
CIRCAC releases its 2015 Annual Report
We are pleased to announce Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council's 2015 Annual Report. This year marked a significant milestone for us; our 25th Anniversary representing citizens to make oil transportation and facility operations environmentally safer. The 2015 Annual Report represents highlights of projects and initiatives for the year. To commemorate a body of work spanning 25 years, we decided that something more substantial and comprehensive was in order, so we created a separate, online report which can be accessed here. To download the Annual Report, click on the image at left. 
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May 11, Cook Inlet Marine Firefighting Workgroup Meeting (Homer)
May 13, Harbor Safety Committee Meeting (Homer)
May 25, AOGA Conference (Anchorage)
June 7-9, AMOP Technical Seminar (Halifax Nova Scotia)

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