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July 2014
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Our Mission is to represent the citizens of Cook Inlet in promoting environmentally safe marine transportation and oil facility operations in Cook Inlet.
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The  period to submit public comments to the U.S. Coast Guard on our application for recertification closed July 16. By July 15, more than 50 letters had been sent in supporting our work in Cook Inlet. We have posted these letters on our website, along with our application.

Thank you for the positive feedback and support. The U.S. Coast Guard will now review our application, supporting documents and public comments and will notify us of their deUSCG Logocision. We look forward to future collaborations and continuing our work in the Inlet.

Alaska ShoreZone in the news
Alaska ShoreZone has gotten some well-deserved media coverage this month (see In the News at left), which highlighted two separate examples of how far it's come since Cook Inlet RCAC introduced the project to Alaska. Now expanded far beyond our areas of concern, ShoreZone continues to prove its value for Alaska in a multitude of ways, not just for oil spill response and planning. If you haven't familiarized yourself with the powerful tool that is ShoreZone, now may be the time for you to fly the coast and do some exploring on your own through the NOAA Alaska ShoreZone website.

Meet John Williams, President of the Board
 Perhaps nobody is as well known on the Kenai Peninsula as John Williams. His involvement in issues of importance to the Kenai Peninsula spans years. His  skills as a story teller are unparalleled. Since John always has a lot to say, we thought we'd make him the subject of this month's board member focus. Read more.

In the field 

Although Cook Inlet RCAC conducts many projects independently, much of our work is accomplished through partnerships. We often benefit from the expertise and perspectives of scientists from state or federal agencies or from universities who are invited to participate on our projects. In turn, we also participate on projects of other organizations where their program's or project's goals overlap with those of the Cook Inlet RCAC. Read more.  

Black oystercatchers nests are often just above mean higher high water and are easily missed due to their often being just a small depressions lined with small pebbles and shell fragments. Scientists monitor known nest sites for eggs or chicks and document prey items collected by the adults, which consist primarily of mussels, limpets, and chitons. (Saupe)

Lynda Giguere
Director of Public Outreach
Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Counci
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August 15 PROPS (Prevention, Response, Operations and Safety) Committee Meeting, CISPRI, Nikiski
August 23 - Cook Inlet RCAC will have a booth at Industry Appreciation Day in  Kenai. Please drop by.
September 4 - Cook Inlet Risk Assessment Advisory Panel Meeting, Kenai
September 12 - Cook Inlet RCAC Board of Directors Meeting, Kodiak