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Our Second Decade of Excellence

I hope that 2015 is treating you well. With the acquisition of New Jersey's Advent Investigations last month, I am back on the road again. I haven't driven to the office in quite some time. Now I am driving to our New Jersey office several times a week. When I was on the road last time, there was no blue tooth the way it is today. Headsets were HUGE and EZ Pass wasn't even a thing. I am now practically on a first name basis with the kid at the drive-thru Krispy Kreme. At least some things haven't changed!


This month, we're starting a new feature: "Ask a Researcher." In it, we hope to answer the frequent questions we receive. If you have a particular question about public information records or County House Research, please email me.  

Warmest regards,

Ask A Researcher

What is Pennsylvania's ARD program?

ARD (short for Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) is a Pennsylvania second-chance program for first offenders of non-violent crimes. If you are admitted into the program, the charge is held in abeyance (deferred adjudication). By admitting first time PA offenders into the ARD program the state of Pennsylvania is able to avoid lengthy court proceedings and the defendant is able to have their case expunged from their criminal record once they complete the ARD program.  


If you have any questions for "Ask A Researcher", please contact  me at kcapponi@countyhouseresearch.com  or (215) 717-7433 ext. 12 


Kelly Capponi is V.P. of Operations at County House Research.
Robin's Rumination

Happy New Year to you all.  I started my year with a new best friend; Bane Presley. I adopted him from a rescue network and my heart is overfilled with joy and peace.  I've never been a dog owner, and I can not imagine my life now without a canine companion. I feel like my stress level and blood pressure have gone down and I have received loads of happiness, with minimal frustration (he is house broken). This got me thinking, with our proven accuracy and leading reputation, selecting County House Research as your in-court provider could help reduce your stress and frustrations! Please feel free to contact me to discuss any challenges you are experiencing in our coverage areas. I can also send you photos of Bane to help bring you happiness... and who wouldn't want that!


To learn more about County House Research technology, please contact me at rwatkins@countyhouseresearch.com  or (215) 717-7433 ext. 21.


Robin Watkins is Director of Client Services at County House Research.
Off Target
Unless you're a shareholder or spend a lot of time north of the border, you probably missed the news that only 3 years after announcing it was going to open its first stores outside of the U.S., Minnesota's Target Corporation said this month that it is closing all 133 of its locations in Canada. There has been (and likely will continue to be) a lot of hand wringing over this $7 billion fiasco, but ask any Canadian Target shopper and they will tell you exactly why the stores failed -- the shopping experience was lousy! Instead of "expect more, pay less," shoppers found dimly-lit stores, poorly stocked shelves, and none of the "fabu-less" feel they were used to from American stores. In short, Target failed to deliver on it's brand promise. An expensive lesson to learn!

Jay Eidelman is a marketing consultant. 
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