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Our Second Decade of Excellence

Our two new offices, one in Mechanicsburg, PA and the other in Kenilworth, NJ, are in the final stages of being set up. Once you have had the experience of setting up an office, you feel better prepared for the things that might not go as planned. You know that some things will take longer than you expected--even if you planned on tasks taking twice as long as they should. But what a great feeling once you're over the the hump and settling in with all the computers set up and ready to go. I hope there's a great new coffee shop nearby!

Warmest regards,

Ask A Researcher

How are the courts structured in New Hampshire?


The New Hampshire Judicial Branch includes the Supreme Court, the Superior Court, and the Circuit Court. The Circuit Court has three divisions: District Division, Probate Division, and Family Division.


Read more about the structure and jurisdictions of New Hampshire courts on the County House Research FAQ page ...

If you have any questions for "Ask A Researcher", please contact  me at kcapponi@countyhouseresearch.com  or (215) 717-7433 ext. 12 


Kelly Capponi is V.P. of Operations at County House Research.
Chris' Catch

Spring is finally right around the corner!  It has been what seemed like an endless winter for many of us.  It will be so nice to feel the warm sun and the essence of new growth and renewal that comes with this time of year.
My wife Kristin and I are grateful and thrilled to be celebrating our 2nd Anniversary with the County House Research Family of Services. In this time, we have experienced tremendous growth in technology, coverage areas, and we have forged strong relationships with our County House colleagues, and others in our industry. We look forward to continuing to nurture these relationships, and to contribute to the growth of County House Research.


To learn more about County House Research, please contact me at cgcourtney@countyhouseresearch.com  or (215) 717-7433 ext. 17.


Christopher G. Courtney is Director of Business Development at County House Research.
Information Overlord
The world now creates as much information in a couple days as it took humanity to amass between the dawn of time and 2003. Two days!

Because it is so daunting, the age of "Big Data," offers unprecedented opportunities for information management. Think Uber is a taxi service or logistics company? Ron Hirson's recent Forbes article tells a different tale. Monetizing the data it collects is a big part of Uber's strategy.

Whether it is sales and marketing or other aspects of business analysis, data-driven decision making will continue to dominate going forward.

So what is your Big Data strategy?  


Jay Eidelman is a marketing consultant. 

Dress for Success Philadelphia promotes the economic independence of women in need who are transitioning into the local workforce by providing professional attire, a network of support and career development tools to help them thrive in work and in life. Please join us in supporting their efforts.
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