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July 2011 
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A Bocce Ball Tournament benefiting Covenant

August 13, 2011


Kern River Picnic Ground

bocce ball
Bocce Ball is a blast!
The Bocce Event will be a great day of relaxed fun, entertainment and food. Come out and enjoy a good time with friends and support a great cause. Click on the image below to watch the promo!
Covenant's Bocce Ball & BBQ Event
Covenant's Bocce Ball & BBQ Event Video Promo


Covenant Media helps companies with Social Media while training former foster youth!
FB Covenant Media
Covenant Media FB
Did you know...

Social Media is currently assisting over 2.5 million businesses in the United States? That there are 150 million people viewing Facebook daily? Or that 51% of today's Facebook users are more likely to buy from a business page they follow?


The team at Covenant Media knows what is happening with social media and they are doing something about it! Covenant Media has developed a monthly program to develop social media for businesses, individuals and organizations. Additionallly, Covenant Media fulfills purpose and mission as the team serves former foster youth through training and mentoring.


Currently, Covenant Media is partnering with local businesses to make a difference to their bottom line through Facebook, Twitter and Internet marketing. This work allows our leadership to provide education to former foster youth that will allow for growth as they mature into productive adults.


Through daily Facebook/Twitter posts and professional video production, Covenant Media is taking businesses to new heights. Call Scott Gray at 661-326-8304 for more details and help make a difference in the life of a former foster youth.


Covenant Horse Program is up for an award! Vote Today ...
Horse Program JH
The Covenant Horse Program has entered the Parelli video contest on Facebook. Please vote and show your support for this volunteer-led program. Click on the link below to vote. You can vote once each day. The voting ends on July 24th so make sure you vote and help Covenant and youth today!

Covenant Parelli Contest Video
Covenant Parelli Contest Video


For more information how you can be involved as a mentor, trainer, or donor to the Horse Program, please call Stephanie at the Covenant office.

(661) 326-8304.

Covenant Coffee News
Covenant Coffee Logo
Did you know Covenant Coffee has a coffee club? The coffee club can be accessed and joined at the  Covenant Coffee Store. Here, you can sign up for regular coffee shipments. There are many ways to purchase Covenant Coffee and provide jobs and support for former foster youth in Kern County. Remember, for every two pounds of coffee sold, Covenant employs a youth for one hour! Thanks for making a difference with your coffee purchase.


God's Word about the orphan and the fatherless ... the foster child of today!



"For the LORD your God God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality nor takes a bribe. He administers justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the stranger, giving him food and clothing."

Deuteronomy 10:17-18


"A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, God in His holy habitation."

Psalm 68:5


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Greetings!ear (Contact First Name),


The "dog days" of summer have been off and on in 2011 while the pace and momentum at Covenant has been relentless. We are excited as we watch God move in so many areas and in so many lives. Thank you for playing a part in what God is doing to reach foster children, former foster youth and families in Kern County and around the world. 

I suppose the most exciting news I can share is that Covenant has a new home! The Headquarters of Hope (HQ of Hope) is under remodel and reconstruction as I write. We are more than thrilled about the new space which will include room for all Covenant staff and programs and a new initiative ... a coffee house!

As we follow God through this new endeavor we need your help. We need financial gifts, labor, expertise and prayer. The HQ of Hope is not owned by any man or person. The HQ of Hope is a community center of hope in a tired and hopeless neighborhood that is in need of God's grace and restoration. Please help us as we not only continue to fulfill mission but also invest into Oildale. 

We have had a great response from local contractors and companies as we work to complete this massive undertaking. Through the generosity and giving of these individuals and companies the work is being completed. Many thanks to Brad Thompson of Pyramid Construction, Steve Heriford of Liberty Electric, Sam Wilson of Inland Architecture, Alex and Monique Rogers of ARRC Technology, Rosie Abercrombie of Kern Carpets, Scott Pohlenz of Valley Floor Covering, and Rick Martin of Pacific Irrigation.


Friend, we need your help. The HQ of Hope is more than a building project. It is a place where foster youth and foster children will find hope, employment and mentoring ... it is truly a Headquarters of Hope. Please consider becoming a financial partner with Covenant to help the HQ of Hope remodel and the build out of the coffee house. We need your partnership.


For King and Kingdom,



Randy Martin
"Overcoming the Odds ... a story of hope!"

For many former foster youth, the statistics and outcomes that await them are shocking and cause hopelessness. The outcomes for education, employment, single parenthood and achievement of life goals are dismal when compared to other populations in the same age range. The truth is, without help and support from folks like you and the team at Covenant, many youth simply fall between the cracks of the safety net and continue to be victims of abuse and neglect.


Laneheya and her newborn
Laneheya and her newborn


Laneheya is a great example of a former foster youth that has overcome the odds and continues to fight for a successful life! When Laneheya found out she was pregnant, she made the decision that education was a critical step to her future success. Following the encouragement of her Covenant case manager, Lindsay Long, Laneheya completed the work for her high school diploma! And, just in the past week, Laneheya gave birth to a healthy baby girl. 


Laneheya is a participant in the Covenant CHOICES THP-Plus program. CHOICES serves 50 former foster youth each day to help them achieve life goals and find hope. Laneheya is just one example of how a life that was destined to experience hopelessness now experiences hope.


Laneheya Graduation
Laneheya at Graduation!

Covenant is proud to partner with the Kern County Department of Human Services to bring hope to former foster youth through the CHOICES THP-Plus Program. For more information on CHOICES, go to our website at 


Congratulations Laneheya! We are very proud of you! Also, much thanks and appreciation to the hard-working staff at CHOICES THP-Plus. Daily, these wonderful servants work passionately to help youth find success and hope!


HQ of Hope in pictures


We began demolition on the HQ of Hope on July 6th, 2011. We were finished by July 9th, 2011 thanks to the work of the Covenant staff, volunteers, and former foster youth. The demo was supervised by Vern Marcois, Steve Heriford and Brad Thompson. It was an amazing process that prepared the way for the asbestos removal team. Click below to watch the slideshow of pictures from the HQ of Hope demo!


HQ of Hope Demo slide show!


Work Crew
Demo Crew Day 1













The Headquarters of Hope - HQ of Hope!  


Covenant continues to provide services and supports to foster children, foster families and former foster youth each day in Kern County and throughout the world through our network of partners. The focus of this newsletter has been on the HQ of Hope as Covenant is in the middle of the moving, build-out and demolition process. The video update below gives a quick glimpse into the project.

HQ of Hope Video Update: 7-12-11
HQ of Hope Video Update: 7-12-11



The HQ of Hope will be the home of Covenant administrative offices, Covenant ministry offices, Covenant Coffee Roasting, Covenant Media and a new Covenant project ... The Covenant Coffee House! We are very excited about reaching out to our new neighbors and helping to spread hope in Oildale!


Please view the Hands of Hope Giving Campaign

for your use with friends, family and others. Consider joining our Circle of Hope today!



Many thanks and blessings to our current "hopebrokers" and donors!




Friend of Covenant,
Thank you for being a part of what is happening at Covenant! We are blessed to partner with you to fulfill the vision and mission of Covenant!
Together, the work is getting done and lives are being transformed!

Our Vision

We envision a future where every foster child lives in emotional, physical, relational and spiritual wholeness thereby ending the cycle of abuse and neglect in our community.


Our Mission

Providing hope and love to abused and neglected children

Thanks for making a difference in the lives of all we serve!
For King and Kingdom,


Randy Martin
Covenant Community Services


Covenant Team