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How Toxic Metals contribute to Candida infections and other chronic health problems and how to safely and effectively detoxify toxic metals
May 5, 2013 

Jim on bridge Many of my clients come to see me after seeing many other health care practitioners ,both conventional and alternative, with no success at resolving their chronic health problems. The primary reason practitioners fail to help people with chronic conditions like chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, chronic gastro-intestinal problems, depression, hormone imbalance and others is because they are looking for the one cause of the condition. The reality is that there are numerous causes and these causes have a synergistic and aggravating effect on each other.

Take for example a chronic candida overgrowth manifesting symptoms such as constipation, fatigue,skin breakouts, allergies and depression. What many people don't realize is that candida is severely aggravated by heavy metal toxicity. Those who treat candida solely with diet and anti-fungal herbs and probiotics will often be disappointed with their results unless heavy metals are assessed and its load reduced. 

In the following following video clip and newsletter I review how the combination of Candida and heavy metal toxicity is behind many of the mysterious health problems we face in the modern world. 

James Jordan, CNC, JD
toxic metals affect chronic candida infections and other chronic health issues
How toxic metals contribute to candida infections and other chronic health problems and  to safely d
How toxic metals contribute to candida infections and other chronic health problems and to safely d

After struggling for six years with chronic health issues from 1983 to 1989 I finally broke through by simultaneously addressing emotional factors, nutritional deficiencies, chronic candida and parasite infections,  toxic chemicals and heavy metals. It was my understanding of the synergy of these factors and willingness to take on the entire package which led to my recovery and vibrant health since this time. 
When a person is loaded with heavy metals such as: mercury, aluminium, lead, nickle, arsenic, cadmium and others they will suffer from a array of health problems. The symptoms can manifest as any combination of the following and more: fatigue, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, poor memory, anxiety, constipation, poor digestion, autoimmune conditions and chronic infections. 
Toxic metals are so dangerous to the body that your body's innate intelligence will do everything possible to remove these poisons from the bloodstream and vital organs by storing the metals in fatty tissues. The body will often allow Candida levels to increase in order to use the Candida to absorb the toxic metals in the GI tract and thus reducing the amount that gets into the bloodstream. 

If one has been diagnosed with, or self-diagnoses themselves, with a chronic candida infection it is essential to find out if one has a toxic metal condition as well. If the toxic metal load is not addressed you will NOT RECOVER from the candida infection or substantially improve your health no matter how strict your Candida control diet is or how consistent you are in taking anti-fungal botanicals and probiotics.  
Toxic metals interrupt your cell's capacity to absorb oxygen and nutrients.
 Your cells, tissues, organs, glands and organ systems will slowly suffocate and degenerate if toxic metals are not cleared from your body. 

It is critically important to follow the correct sequence of steps if you are going to safely and effectively detoxify heavy metals from your body. If you don't you will not only reabsorb the toxic metals you are trying to remove, you may damage your cells, organs and glands. 
Steps to safely and effectively detoxify toxic metals
  1. Make sure your bowels are moving at least 2-3 x day. Without good bowel movements heavy metals will recycle and damage blood vessels and organs. Make sure you are getting adequate water, beneficial bacteria and fiber in your diet. 
  2. Liver and Kidney support - herbal and nutritional support for your liver and kidneys for at least two weeks before detoxifying heavy metals will increase excretion rate of toxic metals.  I use Liver Life from BioRay in my practice. The dose is 1/2 - 3 drpfl.. 2 x day in a cup of water on an empty stomach. 
  3. Support detox program with sauna (infrared and far infrared are the best methods) and detox baths. Vitality Herbs and Clay and LL Magnetic Clay have excellent detox bath formulas. 
  4. Use the most natural heavy metal detox formulas possible. I use NDF and NDF from BioRay because they are whole foods, specifically cilantro and chlorella which have been predigested with beneficial bacteria. 
  5. Additional support supplements include: whole food sources of B vitamins and vitamin C, Selenium and other trace minerals. I use Magnesium Plus from Health Equations or New Chapter Multi-formulas. NAC and/or Whey protein offer excellent support for your body's production of Glutathione which is essential to optimize detoxification and anti-oxidant support. 
The next step for those who are serious about clearing up chronic candida overgrowth and resolving chronic health problems is to contact my office to get a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis done to give you a starting point for your levels of toxic metals.

Contact my office at 541.482.2250 or and I'll be happy to get you started. 
I hope the information above has been helpful for you in understanding how chronic candida infections and other chronic health problems are not only aggravated by toxic metals but often will not clear up or resolve without addressing the toxic metal levels in your body. 
Feel free to contact my office with any questions. 
Yours in health, 
James Jordan, CNC, JD
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