Create Vibrant Health: Key Principles to Balancing Brain Chemistry Naturally
March 11, 2013

More and more people are contacting my office with brain chemistry imbalance issues than ever before. The most common complaints I get from people seeking my services, other than fatigue, are: depression, foggy-brain, poor memory, attention deficit, anxiety and insomnia. The increase in frequency and severity of these symptoms is a result of several factors including: stress, increased toxin exposure from heavy metals, chemicals and radiation - both EMF and ionizing (especially wireless technology) and nutrient deficiencies. 

With a comprehensive understanding of these factors and thorough health and wellness program including customized nutrition and detoxification program - you can restore healthy brain chemistry, balance mood swings and experience deep rejuvenating sleep. 


James Jordan, JD, CNC
Brain Chemistry Balancing Principles

Brain Chemistry Balancing Principles
Brain Chemistry Balancing Principles

When most people realize that drugs are not the solution to their mood disorders, memory problems, reduced ability to concentrate or poor sleep quality they often look to a "miracle supplement" that will fix the problem and overlook  key principles to establish a foundation for healthy brain function. 

I have found  the following to be crucial to help brain function and balance brain chemistry: 
  • Reducing your exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, wireless technology and other sources of EMFs. 
  • Reducing your toxic load of heavy metals and chemicals by doing a seasonal or bi-annual cellular detoxification program. For specifics on the program I use contact my office at 541.482.2250.  
  • Eating a diet which focuses on healthy organic protein sources like eggs, meat, fish and poultry;  organic vegetables and high quality fats like grass fed dairy butter, olive oil, flax-seed oil, and coconut oil with complementary foods like fruits,raw nuts and seeds and gluten free grains is the foundation diet for healthy brain chemistry 
  • Addressing bowel and liver congestion resulting from: pathogen overgrowth and toxicity. Often my clients have waste leaking into their blood which will irritate their nervous system and bring down their energy.
    Heal leaky gut and clear liver congestion and you will improve your brain function. Your brain is feed by your blood and your blood is fed by your gut. 


  • Regulate your blood sugar - erratic blood sugar can lead to depressionirritability,  anxiety, poor concentration and other longer term health problems including cardiovascular disease. Check out my tips to balance blood sugar.
These are some of the most important recommendations to create the foundation for a healthy brain chemistry; however, many people have specific neurotransmitter (NT) imbalances which can be assessed either medically or through symptom surveys. The neurotransmitters I assess are: Serotonin, GABA, Acyetlcholine and Dopamine. This is done through a symptom survey which I have found extremely useful for my clients over the past 12 years. 
There are two parts to the assessment:
  1. First, which  is your dominate neurotransmitter. In order words which NT dominants your brain chemistry. An example is Acetylcholine (AC)  types are highly creative, impulsive and flexible. About 17% of the worlds population is AC dominant. GABA dominant natures, are stable, social, reliable and make up 50% of the population. If one's primary or secondary NT deficiency is their nature NT they will be more aware of their symptoms and "not feel like themselves" 
  2. The second part of the assessment determines  which are your
    primary and secondary neurtotransmitter deficiencies

Along with the assessment comes a dietary recommendation list for foods that have the highest concentration of the nutrients necessary to balance each neurotransmitter you are deficient in


 I also offer a free fifteen-minute consultation to anyone who orders the NT assessment questionnaire and recommendation download. See side bar to order.  

For more specific health issues related to each neurotransmitter deficiency read my Neurotransmitter Assessment page on my website


I hope the information in the newsletter and video blog have been helpful to you. Please feel free to email or call with comments or feedback. 
James Jordan, JD, CNC 
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Brain Chemistry Balancing Principles
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