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March 1, 2013

The first step in transforming your health is to become aware of the habits you have which undermine your health. These can be different factors for different people.

When I was in my 20s I went through a six year period in which I struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, constipation, depression and insomnia. During this time I sought both conventional and alternative medical treatment - it was not until I took full responsibility for my health and the choices I made in relation to my health that I started to turn the corner and eventually fully recover my health. In this newsletter/video I explain how important it is to get clear with what you truly want in order to have vibrant health.

James Jordan, CNC, JD
Create Vibrant Health 


How we sabotage our health 
The first step to creating vibrant health: identifying how we sabotage our health
The first step to creating vibrant health: identifying how we sabotage our health

I've been in the field of nutrition and health and wellness for over fifteen years now and I see many clients who are struggling with chronic fatigue, depression, hormone imbalances, gastro-intestinal problems, auto-immune problems and more. In most cases each person's choices from their past has contributed to where they are today and their current choices can pull them out of the downward spiral many find themselves in.

The first question to ask yourself and answer with total honesty is: 


What do I truly want? Do I want health and vitality and am I willing to work for it?


 Many have given up on getting what they want in life including excellent health. We often settle for a little pleasure at the expense of long term vitality and functioning optimally. Many want to do as little as possible to get good health or success in business - is this you, are you clinging to your nightly glass of wine even though you have raging candida? Are you burning the midnight oil while suffering from chronic fatigue or depression? Do you make excuses why you don't get your regular exercise? If Yes, and you are still complaining about your health issues it may be time to prioritize doing what is necessary to get that breakthrough in health that will transform your life.

I know this situation very well from personal experience. I went through the motions for years "trying to get my health better". At a certain level I thought life was not worth living and the world was insane, but I couldn't entirely give up either. Something kept me going and by the age of twenty-eight I found the reason for recovering my health - to help myself and others experience the vibrant health I knew in my youth and to enjoy life to its fullest even though I still felt life was full of injustice and didn't make sense to my idealistic eyes.

Telling the truth about your deepest desires and having the courage to go for it no matter what your age or situation you find yourself in is the hallmark of being a "winner" in the truest sense of the word. For me winning is playing the game full out to the best of my ability, it is not necessarily about the outcome since there are many factors we cannot control. It is about giving it your best.

For some people they need to be very disciplined in their diet for a few months or longer to turn the tide of a toxic system that is overwhelming their detox pathways and backing up into their organs, glands and nervous system. Others are too disciplined in that they have completely eliminated certain restorative foods like good quality meat or butter in the mistaken belief that these foods are toxic to them. I have some clients who cling to their daily coffee ritual even though their adrenals are on the verge of collapse. Energy will be restored when the adrenals are rested and nourished - not stimulated. Some are clinging to jobs that are driving them crazy but hang on for security. The obstacles to you creating vibrant health are unique to your situation and they can be overcome. 

If you are struggling with a health issue and not making a breakthrough, take an inventory of what you are unwilling to let go of and look deep within to see if this could be one of the obstacles to your health reaching new heights. When I find myself suffering in some area of life it is usually because I am afraid of change and I am holding on to the past or the familiar habits I have developed over years. Positive change can come into life when we give space for it to arrive.

Life is too short to live in fear of change and growth. Let me know if I can help you in reaching your health and wellness goals, that is the purpose I found for myself nearly 25 years ago and continues to inspire me to this day.

Best wishes,

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How we Sabotage our Health
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"It started three years ago, gradually, but I knew something was very wrong with me. Suffering from fatigue, exhaustion, sadness, anxiety, insomnia, frequent fainting spells, tremors, awful digestive issues, and so much more. Desperate, but deciding not to give up, I started to research my symptoms, got tested for, and received a positive diagnosis of "adrenal burnout". I was prescribed hormones and cortisol, which I refused to take. About a month ago, I came across Jim Jordan's website; ....Jim got me on a diet/supplement program, and I have faithfully followed it. Well I am back!The Me I thought I had lost is back.....and feeling happy, alive and so very grateful to have come upon Jim. A few days ago I told him he was my "hero"....and he is, and so much more....he has saved my life. I am healing! Thank you, Jim!"


Ellie K. Big Fork, Montana


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