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Gland and Organ Regeneration with Protomorphogen
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"I started using Standard Process products only two months ago for many different health concerns and right away I started to feel better! I've seen such an increase in energy and alertness. The Drenamin alone for anyone with adrenal problems is a god send! I have tried so many different regimens in the past including prescriptions and nothing has worked as well and as fast!"

Melissa D.   Baldwinsville, NY


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August, 2011 


In my most recent newsletter I told you that in this issue  I would be writing about antioxidants; however, I came across two powerful tools I have incorporated into my practice since that newsletter and I couldn't wait to tell you. I'll get back to the antioxidants shortly.



In the past two months I have incorporated two big changes in my practice and am already seeing wonderful results with clients who incorporate these changes. First is a new line of whole food supplements from a company called Standard Process. These are without a doubt the most powerful wholefood supplements I have used in my practice to date. I'll explain to you why I believe they should be used in everyone's nutritional supplement program.  


The second big development came to me through a client of mine who healed herself from Irritable Bowel Syndrome with an amazing technique which  you can do for yourself to release trapped emotions which are often underlying many chronic health problems both in the emotional as well as physical areas of our health.  


I hope you enjoy the newsletter.  





James Jordan, JD, CNC, CMTA 



Protomophogen and Cytosol brand extracts   


At the cellular levels health is about efficient functioning cells which remove waste and produce energy so the tissues, organs and glands do their designed job. Disease or sub-optimal health occurs when cell function breaks down and waste removal and energy production becomes stagnant. Anything that facilitates improved cellular function and regeneration is going to make a difference in health.  


About six months ago one of my clients, a woman of 80 plus years, started to make a remarkable recovery in her health from a serious cardiovascular health problem. Her live blood test showed a nearly perfect picture and yet I had made no new recommendations in her program.  


"With the use of Standard Process supplements, I have been able to control a heart condition without the use of prescription drugs.  In addition, my overall health has been greatly improved."   

Shirley W. Grants Pass, Oregon. 



She told me that another practitioner had developed a protocol of whole food supplements from Standard Process, a company started in 1934 by natural health pioneer, Dr. Royal Lee.


I contacted the company and persuaded them to open an account for me although normally they only sell to medical doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths. The results with many of my clients have been fantastic. There are several factors I believe which account for the faster more noticeable results in cases ranging from chronic fatigue to recovery from spinal surgery.


In the 1940s Dr. Lee developed a method of deriving extracts, which contain what he called cell determinants, from specific animal organs and glands for clinical use. Dr. Lee believed that these cell determinants functioned in cell regulation, maintenance and interaction with tissue antibodies. Protomorphogen brand extracts (PMG)  is a trademarked name of specific mineral/nucleic material extracts from animal glands and organs that Dr. Lee found to have powerful clinical application.    


 PMGs act as a DNA blueprint for tissue regeneration.     


Not only do PMGs help to regenerate tissues of unhealthy organs and glands they also serve as autoimmune antibody decoys - that is they decoy antibodies away from attacking your organs and glands.    


 For example in Hashimotos' disease one's immune system is attacking one's own thyroid. With Thytrophin from Standard Process certain  nucleic acids in the formula would decoy the immune system away from attacking the thyroid while the remaining nucleic acids would help to repair and regenerate the weakened gland.    


Another unique component of Dr. Lee's formulas are Cytosol brand extracts which are derived from the cytoplasm of selected glands and organs. These extracts serve as energy catalysts and contain enzymes, hormone precursors, and synergistic cofactors that are the biochemical building blocks essential to cellular metabolism in their respective tissues.The function of these extracts is more for acute conditions whereas the PMGs are used more for chronic conditions.  


Neither PMGs or Cytosol brand extracts are to be confused with glandulars which are whole gland concentrates taken from animals and often create down-regulation of the organ or gland function they are being used for and hence dependency on the formula.  


Standard process makes products targeted for specific glands and organs not only with the whole food source of nutrients which the gland or organ needs to function optimally  but also with the PMGs and cytosol extracts from the target gland or organ from organically and naturally raised animals which are never given hormones or antibiotics.     


DrenaminFor example, Drenamin, the Standard process product to regenerate and repair adrenal function will have whole food B complex, whole food vitamin C as well as the PMGs brand extracts derived from animal adrenal glands.  


Other commonly used formulas in my practice include: Diaplex for pancreas function, Livaplex for liver function, Thyrotropin PMG for Thyroid, Albaplex for kidney function and Ligaplex for connective tissue and ligaments.


A typical Standard Process protocol will include several other supplements to provide whole food nutrients and digestive support that support all health building programs.


Since incorporating Standard process protocols into my practice two months ago I can state, unequivocally, that the results with my clients have been better than with previous supplement programs. Of course, getting on the correct diet plan, avoiding toxic chemicals, metals and high doses of EMFs are critical to the success of any health program.


My offer to those who have read this far and are interested in incorporating Standard Process protocols into their nutritional program is to contact me to set up a free 15 minute consultation to see if your health challenges are something that should respond to the use of protomorphogen and/or cytosol brand extract formulas.   


My office hours are M-F 9- 6 PM Pacific Standard Time and the phone number is 541.482.2250.  


If after talking with me you decide you want to go for it we can set up a short consultation to go over dietary and supplement recommendations for your program. Testing and other assessment options will be discussed in the free 15 minute consultation.  




Emotions and our Health


The Emotion Code The Emotion Code

The second big change in my practice has come in the form of an emotional release technique developed by a Dr. Bradley Nelson called the Emotion Code.


A few months ago I contacted a client of mine named Constance to see how she was doing. I hadn't heard from her for over six months and wanted to see if she had made any progress with her severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) she had been experiencing for three years.  


She had seen dozens of holistic health care practitioners including myself with little improvement. To my surprise she said she is 100% recovered from the IBS and she equates it to her use of Dr. Nelson's Emotion Code release technique which she discovered by reading his book, The Emotion Code.  


The Emotion Code teaches us that trapped or "stuck" emotions that we were unable to completely process and clear are a primary source of many of our health complaints including depression, anxiety, digestive disorders like IBS, Chronic fatigue and even Cancer.


The book describes a simple method of identifying trapped emotions and releasing them. I picked up the book myself and got started to work on my trapped emotions. The system can be done on your own, with a friend or with a professional.


Since Constance's remarkable healing she has started teaching how to use the Emotion Code and has offered private consultations. After a week or so of using the technique on my own I decided to see her for a private session. Was it ever worth it. Constance has developed an innovation on the technique that helps people clear more trapped emotions faster. In my case I became aware of trapped emotions from childhood that were weighing me down in certain areas of my life. Shortly after working with the Code some big changes in my life in the realm of relating to women changed and I am much happier as a result. I continue to work with the code several times a week on my own and look forward to feeling lighter and clearer as the releasing continues.


 If you are interested in exploring the Emotion Code I suggest buying the book - it can be found in almost any bookstore or online and see if the technique resonates with you. If you want coaching on using the Emotion code release technique or more information on the Emotion Code contact Constance at [email protected]  

My favorite part of my work is when I hear someone has recovered from a challenging health condition and their lives are fuller and happier. I'm always looking for new tools to incorporate into my practice to help people create vibrant health.


With protomorphogen and cytosol brand extracts and the Emotion Code release technique I believe we have found two very powerful tools we can use to have healthier, happier lives.





James Jordan.JD, CNC, CMTA
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