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Pure Essential Oils

We use Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in our Lotions, and Creams.
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This product nurtures and tones all soft connective tissue. It strengthens and protects our whole body and has the ability to assimilate and nurture the skin and hair due to the synergy within the plant extracts and the vitality within us all.

Rosemary and Red Oak impart healthy, shiny hair, and are strong anti oxidants. Rosemary has stimulating properties which deliver blood flow to areas where there is inflammation and pain. It is a great scalp tonic, and stimulant for our hair follicles, which assists in hair growth and the prevention of hair loss. It helps pre-mature balding.

The marshmallow, horsetail, and apple cider vinegar detangle the hair and rebuild the hair shaft. The soft, satin texture of your hair creates more body and volume. The conditioner is a hair and scalp tonic.

As a moisturizer, your skin becomes hydrated, and the lotion strengthens and tones the skin. Your skin looks healthier and feels softer.

Try it for shaving, the emollient  factor is wonderful. It yields a clean shave with a soft satin texture on your skin.

The lotion will remove make up and hydrate your skin.

Plants are so versatile, that this one skincare guardian product will serve our entire body. Enjoy the product as much as I enjoy working with nature.


The Skincare Guardian





Issue: #11February/2012
Welcome to the next issue of Creation Farm's Newsletter,
   Our mission for Health and Beauty is to design Skincare and Aromatherapy products by evaluating the vitality that each plant species has to offer and how it will affect us Holistically. Pure, wholesome skincare products is the ultimate luxury...feeling good and maintaining our health and beauty has been a life long quest.


Virgin Coconut Oil for health and beauty
Real Food from Live Plants

We use organicVirgin Coconut Oil to make the ideal cream or lotion that promotes healing, destroys free radicals and protects as an anti-oxidant, and gives your skin a more youthful healthy appearance. Our lotions and creams are primarily organic virgin coconut oil, herbal extracts, and essential oils. The benefits are prevention from free-radical damage, prevention of liver spots and other blemishes caused by overexposure to sunlight and other blemishes caused by aging. It helps to keep connective tissue strong and supple so that the skin doesn't sag and wrinkle.

The difference between our creams and lotions and synthetic commercial lotions and creams is the latter are made to bring immediate, temporary relief. Most lotions do the skin no lasting benefit, and many actually accelerate the aging process. Why take the risk of permanently damaging the skin when there are healthy alternatives to choose, that have real potential to bring back your youthful appearance?

   We offer a variety of lotions and creams please visit our web-site check out the skincare guardian blog and the essential oil blog. If you have questions please address them to

   I will continue a study on the healthy benefits of virgin coconut oil in a series thru this newsletter.

Anna - "The Skincare Guardian"


New Charlevoix Location
229 Bridge St - 547-6950
This article is to let all our Charlevoix customers know that we have a new location 1 block north of our old spot in between the Townhouse Bar and Le French Bulldog Boutique. The building had been a shoe store in the same family for 93 Years a great big thank you to Randy & Nancy for providing this opportunity for us upon Randy's retirement. We are giving a FREE BAR of SOAP to the first 500 customers who make a purchase at the new location.


 Soap School Spring Schedule announced
Spring Soap making 
Class Dates available 
Soap Class covers Soap Making, and Aromatherapy information from topics of starting your soap business to home herbal enrichment. We will show you how you can make 300 to 500 bars per day for your home business using minimal space and resources. Please see the website for more information or to make a reservation. Please note that we do limit enrollment to those that live outside of Northern Michigan for obvious reasons.


New Product- TRAVELER Blend
Essential Oil blend specifally for protecting you from the microbes you encounter traveling

"Traveler," the hand sanitizer for protection on the go, is an essential oil blend, naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. Perfect for the purse or pocket...and perfect for keeping the cold germs at bay!

This blend is neat and can be used neat (undiluted) a drop at a time or diluted in your favorite carrier oil at a rate of 10 drops per ounce.
For more information or to order please visit the website.


Home Grown  Aromatherapy in Mid-West 
 Creation Farm is one of the only Michigan farmers Distilling  Aromatic Botanical Hydrosols


Rosemary Hydrosol:
Topically is a strong anti-oxidant. It is very useful as a toner for oily skin. Rosemary promotes healthy, shiny hair and is promising for conditions of mild hair loss. Add to shampoos and conditioners or use undiluted as a scalp tonic after or between shampoos.
A mild circulatory stimulant, it helps flush uric acid and lactic acids from muscle tissue and can be combined with goldenrod in topical compresses for arthritis, rheumatism, and gout. A three-week protocol during allergy season will help combat chest tightness and breathing difficulties.


Hydrosols, home grown and distilled on our farm in Frankfort Michingan is a growing business. We have propagated literally thousands of herb plants from seeds, roots, and cuttings in the past 7 yrs. This year we will boost our production of rose geranium, lavender, clary sage, lemon balm, rosemary, calendula, and mints for this purpose.

Hydrosols are the new aromatherapy! They are produced locally, we are one of the only Michigan growers making hydrosols, and their value surpasses essential oils. Because, they are locally grown and considered a tonic. Essential oils should not be used without diluting first, they are so concentrated. Hydrosols contain the lipid fluids from the fresh plants, essential oils, minerals and vitamins, and a moderate amount of essential oil. The vitality of the hydrosol exists and the electrolytes are assimalted on contact with the skin.

I have witnessed the instant effect of the lavender hydrosol. A customer came into the store with burns and scrates on his arms and legs, we sprayed the lavender hydrosol on the burns and within minutes the sting subsided and the redness started to disaper. The clary sage works as quickly for blocked air passages in the sinus cavity and pressure around the eyes. Just spray the clary sage on your face and breathe deeply. The clarifying toner works on rashes and acne. The lemon balm for cold sores and fatigue. The hydrosols are diverse in nature and work on many different conditions, this list is just a few of the testimonies we have on record.

These are all good reasons why I refer to plants as our guardian within.

The Skincare Guardian,


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Anne Marie Sangemino
Creation Farm
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