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See BAGATELLE at the Maine Boats Homes & Harbors Show Aug 8-10 in Rockland Harbor

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MBH&H Show Aug 8-10
D.N. Hylan & Associates Newsletter
Summer 2014 

On a fine June day we launched BAGATELLE in Hawken's Cove right between Doug's design office  where she was conceived and drawn in detail, and the shop, where we built her over this past winter. 
BAGATELLE is a 26'6" raised deck powerboat with simple and elegant overnight accommodations,  powered by an outboard motor in a well.  She is inspired by the 1920's v-bottom designs of William Hand, by Harry Bryan's HANDY BILLY and Doug's own design TOP HAT.
She took to her lines on the high tide in front of a gathering of friends and family.  Her proud owners were involved in every step of the process, from design decisions to paint scheme and everything in between.  They were beaming as we headed into Eggemoggin reach on a sea trial, looking right at home in a boat that was truely made for them. 
Building a custom boat to a new Doug Hylan design for involved and enthusiastic clients is about as good as it gets from our perspective.  We're quite pleased with the results and look forward to showing her off at the Maine Boats Homes & Harbors Show Aug 8-10 on the Rockland waterfront.  Read more below.
For more about BAGATELLE on our website click HERE.
See BAGATELLE at the Maine Boats Homes & Harbors Show in Rockland, August 8-10.                   

We'll be bringing BAGATELLE across Penobscot Bay to show her off at the Maine Boats Homes & Harbors Show on the Rockland waterfront August 8-10.  We're thrilled to show her off because she embodies much of what we pride ourselves on here at D.N Hylan & Associates.  Namely custom design and construction, classic good looks, fine detail and craftsmanship, fuel efficiency and custom mixed colors. 

We will have laptops and ipads with photos, drawing and specs on all the boats we've built, and DELIVERANCE will be on a mooring nearby for those of you who are interested in seeing our work on a larger scale.  We're happy to talk with you about any boat, but the one we're most interested in is the one we haven't built yet, custom designed and handcrafted just for you!

DEVA Re-Launched
DEVA is the first boat ever built to an un-finished design by L.F. Herreshoff.  The design is said to be an enlarged/ cruising version of ROZINANTE.  She was built in the 1980's and we had her in the shop this winter for structural and cosmetic improvements.  We made every effort to make improvements that were either designed by L.F. Herreshoff himself (as in the sky light and other deck hatches) or in keeping with his design aesthetic.  But the paint scheme is all D.N Hylan & Associates!
She was re-launched with a new deck, re-faired sheer line, re-finished topsides, new deck hatches sky light and companionway, new toe rails, new mizzen step and partners, improved cockpit seating, re-furbished engine, new stanchions and life lines, repaired and re-
finished spars and much more.
We are currently fitting her new sails and sorting out the rig.  We hope to get at least one shakedown sail in before she makes her first appearance in many years at the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta this coming Saturday (Aug 2). 

To read more about DEVA on our website click HERE.

SELKIE- Fast sailing for lazy sailors. 

Doug's new design is a 23' classically inspired day sailer that we're just dying to build!   For a bit more on SELKIE on our website click here.  We'll be offering a very good deal on construction of hull #1.  I'll tell you all about it in the next newsletter.


Ellery Brown
D.N.Hylan & Associates