July 2021
The New DICE Corporation brings our innovative technology, leading products, and unique services to Latin America. With an evolutionary vision for alarm and video monitoring, this expansion will provide the growing global security industry with a game-changing way of doing business. Phase one will introduce software as a service that enables interactive and advanced video monitoring services with video analytics that includes artificial intelligence for enterprise end-users, guard companies, central stations, and integrators.

While DICE Corporation has always been a global company, there is now an increased focus and resources for the region based on our successes in the U.S. and Canada, and Latin America represents an important role in our global market development plans. DICE is changing because the world around us is changing. The New DICE is a major milestone for the company as the IoT, interactive video, and remote guarding markets accelerate, opening a unique opportunity for the security industry in Latin America to step into the future.”

Avi Lupo, DICE Corporation Co-President
New Technologies. New Products. New Services.
Matrix Interactive
Ready to take your video monitoring and event management services to the next level? Make the switch to Matrix Interactive – our all-new interactive monitoring platform powered by advanced AI, machine learning, and analytics. Whether you’re a central station looking for efficient cloud-based monitoring software or are interested in virtual doorman and guard services, Matrix Interactive delivers robust features, a hybrid platform, and the ability to work from any location. 
Good Reads
Solving Central Station Telecom Challenges with IPtelX
With complicated routing and a wide variety of equipment that delivers information from a subscriber’s premises to an operator’s screen, there are many telecom challenges that central stations must address to offer reliable and efficient monitoring services. But with the sunset on legacy alarm panels becoming increasingly evident and the merging of digital and analog technology leading to an increase in lost or undeliverable alarm signals, central monitoring stations are looking for telecom providers that understand the issues they’re facing and offer meaningful solutions.

That’s why the New DICE Corporation developed IPtelX, a complete telecom solution designed exclusively for alarm signal transmission. Let’s take a look at three common challenges impacting central stations today and explore some of the solutions IPtelX offers to keep your central station running under challenging circumstances.
Plan Ahead for a Safe and Worry-Free Summer Vacation
The summer vacation season is finally here, which means millions of Americans will be hitting the road after the pandemic put a pause on non-essential travel for over a year. But with travel expected to surge and a recent rise in cybercrime, it is important to keep security in mind as you make your plans.

Here are six easy ways you can avoid security hassles as you head out for a safe, worry-free, and long overdue summer vacation.
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