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Fall 2016


Fall is in the air. I know it hasn't officially started but children are back in school and the stores (the ones here in Atlanta) already have ceramic jack-o-lanterns on display. With the changing of seasons in mind, I want to remind you of a few housekeeping details that sometimes slip people's minds.
  1. Check your furnace - or better - have it serviced before the weather changes and you need it to work! There's nothing worse than going to turn on the heat and realizing that it's not getting any warmer inside. At the very least change the filter!
  2. Take the screens off your windows, hose them off, see if any need repairs (if so take them to be fixed) and then put them away for the winter.
  3. As you start switching your closet around, getting out your cold weather clothes, put aside for donation any that you remember not wearing last winter. Chances are that you won't wear that clothing item again this winter. Why not let someone else make use of it?
  4. Remember to change the batteries in your smoke detector/carbon monoxide detector. I change these batteries every time we set the clocks either forward in the spring or back in the fall.
  5. Have some kitty litter handy in your garage just in case your driveway gets a little slippery. Kitty litter is bio-degradable and is easy to sweep up. Purchase a container that has an easy pour opening so that all you have to do is pour a little on the slippery spots and you'll be all set. You can even keep a container in your car in case you get stuck on a road somewhere.
Before we know it the holidays will be upon us. Don't let them sneak up on you and take you by surprise! Get out your calendar and start planning. If you want to travel over the holidays start making those arrangements - don't forget about your pets! Boarding facilities and pet sitters get booked early.

Decide if you're going to give a party. If you are, plan it in your calendar. Then do a little backwards planning to figure out when you need to start preparing.
Do you decorate for the holidays? Plan that in your calendar too!

If you have children in school be sure to mark all their special events in your calendar so that you don't miss out.

If you want a little more information about preparing for the holidays Jonda Beattie and I offer a workshop called: Organizing for the Holidaze. Get a group together and schedule that workshop with us.
Books by Diane N. Quintana:
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"Suzie's Messy Room" & Benji's Messy Room" 
by Diane N. Quintana & Jonda S. Beattie 

This is the perfect book for that young person in your life. Children are often overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of cleaning their room, and this is a great way to help them break it down. They will go from overwhelm to done in no time. Each book is specifically for that special little boy or girl!
For more information or to order  Benji's Messy Room, click here.

For more information or to order Suzie's Messy Room, click here.
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"Now What? A Simple Organizing Guide" 
by Diane N. Quintana 

You think you have things pretty well-organized and then something happens, which upsets the balance in your life. You think to yourself, "Now what?" 

"Now What? A Simple Organizing Guide" provides straight-forward practical organizing tips to help you regain that balance. This is your guide to setting up a home, creating and maintaining a budget, and managing paperwork and time. It's also a guide to the habits and routines that will help you keep order in your busy life. 

There is something for everyone in this well-crafted guide no matter what your age or your experience!

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For Groups
If you are a member of a professional group or organization or have a group of individuals that would like to share interesting and unique information, Jonda Beattie and I would be happy to talk to you. We have a variety of presentations which we can tailor
to your needs.  
Jonda Beattie and I
can present the following workshops for your group: 
Organizing for the Holidaze
Organize your time and space so when the Holidays arrive, you will be ready to enjoy them without worry. Schedule this fun, one hour interactive workshop and go home with great tips and enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

  Paper Piles to Files    
Bring a box or bag of papers and go home with labeled files. This 3 hour interactive workshop will enable you to organize and file the papers that get accumulated on your desk and countertops.  
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September 22-24, 2016
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November 5 & 6
Diane and Jonda Beattie will have a booth at the Elegant Elf Marketplace in Sandy Springs, Georgia  
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