Ultraseal XP being put to the test on Toronto's largest mixed-use construction site

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Domus Terrazzo

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DRE is a proud to be a Silver Sponsor for 
Canstruct ion Toronto

What is the Impact of  Canstruction®  Toronto?

Canstruction® Toronto engages and inspires
professionals and students in the design, architecture  and engineering industries to work together to gather food donations and raise  public  awareness about the  growing hunger gap.

The design and build competition challenges teams to design and build structures made entirely from canned foods within a 10'x10'x8' space.

Since the event started in Toronto in 1999,
Canstruction® Toronto has donated more than a  million pounds of food to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

This year  Canstruction® Toronto teams donated 68,785 lbs   of shelf-stable food to Daily Bread, which is distributed   to its member agencies' meal programs and community based food banks.

Congratulations to this year's winners: 

WSP and Architecture49

EllisDon and Zeidler Architects 
CANadian Moose

RJC Engineers
A Balanced Lunch Tray Keeps Hunger at Bay

Aercoustics Engineering Ltd.
Many Cans Make Light Work

Hunger CAN "Gogh" 

For more information, visit:

DRE is proud to be a Founding Member Platinum level of the  SWA Foundation .

The mandate of the SWA Foundation is
to develop and enhance a greater 
awareness of the sealant and waterproofing sector within the construction industry in general as well as the architectural/
engineering and specifier community. 

It will build recognition within the 
educational sector via the SWA Scholarship Program which will allow the association
to reach out to those students currently enrolled in a construction related program 
and hopefully direct some of their interest 
to the sealant and waterproofing portion of building construction.
Golf Tournament  is on  Tuesday, July 16, 2019 from 8:00 am to 2:30 PM

Kings Riding Golf Club
14700 Bathurst St.
King City, ON  L7B 1K5

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We have been busy over here at DREOur new office space is complete and we are finally settled in.

Check out the beautiful custom  Venetian  Terrazzo c ounter top and backsplash in our
new kitchen  fabricated  by  Franklin Terrazzo with resin and aggregates from Domus Terrazzo Supply.
If you are in the neighbourhood, stop by for a coffee and a tour!

DRE participated in the  SWA Product Expo in Feb 2019 - it was one of the best attended ever.   Koster, Neogard  and  CETCO  all had demo areas showcasing new and innovative products!  

Neogard has launched their  RTS PUMA Systems for fast turnaround and increased durability.

Koster PurGel and  G4   injection gels are being used in projects all over the city to stop water ingress by below grade curtain injection into concrete, brick, masonry and rubble walls, leaking expansion joints and in tunnels and shafts.   Vector Corrosion Technologies recently completed a project that saved the owner 50% of the contract cost and was completed in half the time by using G4 curtain wall injection rather than excavating.  See the article and pictures below.
The DRE  product expos continue to be well attended.  This mini trade show format can be set up in your office lunchroom or board room area with all the DRE represented product lines.   This allows you to see all the products and discuss various applications at one time.   Let me know if you would like to set one up for your office as a coffee break, lunchtime or happy hour event.
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An RFP was issued in October 2018 for repair of the pedestrian tunnel connecting Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital and Shoniker Clinic under Neilson Road.

The scope of work was to repair the failed expansion joints within the tunnel, repair leaking cracks and concrete surfaces by excavating the tunnel and installing new waterproofing on the tunnel walls and roof slab.
The work needed to be completed during the months of December to March requiring heat and hoarding for waterproofing application in the topside excavated areas.   This would also require phased closures of Neilson Road and the Hospital Emergency Entrance for excavation and the complete closure of the tunnel during some of the phases.
Vector Corrosion Technologies Ltd submitted a proposal to complete the repairs using  Koster G4 curtain wall injection  at the failed expansion joints and through the foundation walls to replace the failed waterproofing on the tunnel walls and roof slab.
By using Koster G4 curtain wall injection, the repairs were completed in half the original scheduled time, without excavation which avoided any road or entrance closures.  The tunnel was able to remain open to the public for the complete process and the owner saved 50% of the original contract price.

For more information, please contact  marla@dre.ca
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NEOGARD RTS systems use PUMA technology, which provides excellent elongation for crack bridging and flexibility without the need for reinforcing fabric. These systems provide outstanding durability and abrasion resistance in the toughest service conditions.
NEOGARD RTS systems also offer very fast return to service. They can be installed in temperatures as low as 20°F/-6°C and are ready for service one hour after installation. They are ideal for the toughest application conditions, and projects which require fast turnaround.

Links to the guide specs for the various systems:

 Please contact marla@dre.ca should you require any additional information.

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Preventing moisture intrusion by protecting porous mineral building materials with  Protectosil® CHEM-TRETE® BSM 400  and    Protectosil® CHEM-TRETE® PB 100  not only offer a safeguard against the slew of problems that come with water intrusion,  but will also extend the service life and look of the building, reduce maintenance costs and even reduce energy costs by increasing thermal efficiency.
While corrosion and intrusion are well-known enemies that water repellents fight against, a lesser-known advantage to using a line of water repellent-products is a savings in energy costs as thermal conductivity is influenced by - you guessed it - moisture content.
In general, the higher the moisture content in concrete and other building materials, the higher the thermal conductivity, meaning that water repellents such as silane sealers can reduce the thermal conductivity of a building by reducing the moisture content in the substrate, thereby reducing energy consumption. That reduction complements energy saving initiatives as a whole, meaning that the use of silanes can yield credit points for structures aiming for a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification.
A recent study prepared by Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates Inc. entitled, "Impact of Silane Sealers on Thermal Conductivity of Building Materials" compared moisture content and thermal resistance between concrete walls treated and not treated with silane sealer.  The study found that the treated test walls were found to exhibit approximately 3.5 percent higher thermal resistance than untreated walls after the 41-day rain event simulation test. Researchers estimated that such treatments would have an even more pronounced effect with thinner walls, estimating that a 4-inch-thick treated wall could show as much as a 6.4 percent higher thermal resistance than an untreated wall of the same thickness.
Please contact marla@dre.ca  should you require any additional information. 

ULTRASEAL AB is a unique waterproofing membrane comprised of a polyethylene liner and an advanced Active Polymer Core (APC) layer integrally bonded to an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive that locks the membrane to concrete. The active hydrophilic polymer APC layer swells and seals against water ingress while the aggressive adhesive bond to concrete prevents migration of water.
This advanced membrane combines two proven technologies into one membrane to provide excellent waterproofing performance. The aggressive adhesive bond is formed by pouring concrete directly against the membrane. The bond provides lateral water migration resistance continuously across the exterior surface of the concrete and ensures ULTRASEAL AB remains bonded to the concrete. Unlike other adhesive-bonding membranes, the APC layer can seal small punctures and tears in the membrane resulting from construction activities conducted after the initial membrane installation. 
The APC Technology layer works by forming a very low permeable membrane layer upon contact with water. When hydrated,  unconfined APC can swell many times its dry volume. When confined by back fill or concrete the swell is controlled, forming a dense, impervious waterproofing layer. The swelling action of the APC technology resists high levels of groundwater contaminants and can seal small concrete cracks caused by ground settlement, concrete shrinkage, or seismic action.
This active waterproofing sealing performance, in conjunction with the continuous adhesive bond, prevents water movement between the  ULTRASEAL  AB  membrane and the concrete.

ULTRASEAL AB contains zero VOC, can be installed in almost any weather conditions and most importantly, has proven effective in both hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic conditions.
For more information, please contact marla@dre.ca
Domus Terrazzo
Congratulations to Franklin Terrazzo and Domus Terrazzo Supply for winning the TTMAC
HardSurface Award for project of the year for the Terrazzo category and the International category.

Joseph Brant Hospital, Burlington, ON
Architect - Parkin Architects
General Contractor - EllisDon

Orlando International Airport - Orlando Welcoming Gardens
Architect - K. Merck & Associates
Designer - Scott Parsons
General Contractor - Gomez Construction

  For more information on Domus Terr azzo Supply, please contact marla@dre.ca

STEGO® Mastic is now in 20-OUNCE SAUSAGE TUBE FOR STEGO MASTIC  - PErfect for  detailing difficult pipe penetrations

Stego Mastic Sausage Tubes with an applicator gun, allows for faster application and greater precision around one of the most difficult details of any vapor barrier installation: the pipe penetrations on the project site. Where multiple pipes are close together, the sausage tube and applicator gun allow for easier and total sealing around the edges and in between each of the pipes involved.
STEGO MASTIC | Tips on How to Use a Sausage Caulking Gun
STEGO MASTIC | Tips on How to Use a Sausage Caulking Gun
Stego Mastic is a medium-viscosity, water-based, polymer-modified anionic bituminous/asphalt emulsion and a true vapor barrier that helps create a monolithic membrane between the building envelope and the below-slab environment. The result protects the concrete slab and building from the harmful below-slab environment and its higher relative humidity (water vapor) and other possible soil gases.
Please contact marla@dre.ca should you require any additional information.