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Benefits of Bay Laurel
Featured Spray
The Magic of Light
Benefits of Bay Laurel
Bay Laurel, also known as Laurus Nobilis, has a spicy scent and was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to crown their victors.  The Greeks crowned their scholars with them as well.
Bay laurel has been used for protection and healing, and is said to bring prosperity and victory.


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Divine Essences News 
November 20, 2012
Thanksgiving is upon us!  No, we didn't create a spray that smells like turkey, but we do have a lovely new spray this month, named Illumination.  Read below for more details.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with friends and family!
Featured Spray:  Illumination

The nights are getting longer, the days shorter, and for most of us, the recent time change made this even more apparent. In view of this, we thought some Illumination would be a welcome change!

Illumination helps bring new ideas into your consciousness. It features Bergamot, which helps open the heart center, and Bay Laurel, used by the Greeks to crown their scholars. Use it when you need to see a situation from a broader perspective, or any time you want more creativity to flow.

This spray also features oils of Idaho Tansy and Holy Basil.


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"Colorful Friday" offer
The day after Thanksgiving should be colorful and full of joy. It should also be a celebration of gratitude. To help you show your gratitude to your loved ones, we bring you this special offer.
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Offer good Friday, November 23rd 2012
The Magic of Light


There's something about light that eternally attracts and mesmerizes us. We stop and gaze at sunsets, we enjoy a candlelight dinner with that special someone, and we travel sometimes halfway around the world to find the perfect sunny vacation spot. The human race seems almost irresistably drawn to images of light.


Could it be that we recognize something of our Source in what we see?


Certain religions tell us that creation started with Light. Science tells us something similar, from a different perspective. Whichever way you like it, it seems clear that Light holds a special place in our hearts and our collective psyche.


As humans, everything we create first begins with an idea. The symbol of a light bulb over a person's head has become iconic of that moment. We refer to wise and insightful people as 'enlightened'. We talk of 'shedding some light' on a problem that we want to solve. These phrases reveal our innate understanding that darkness holds for us confusion and inhibition, whereas Light brings clarity, knowledge, and creativity.


We each have something amazing to share with the world, some unique gift that is ours alone, that no one else has or will ever have. When we share our talents, we feel happy, and the world gives us love and gratitude in return. As the parable goes, no one lights a candle only to cover it up with a basket. By the same token, we were not created to stifle our gifts, but to bring them out for the whole world to see!
So embrace your moments of illumination, cultivate your inborn talents and ideas, and shine your Light for the world!
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