December 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Have you finished your Christmas shopping? I hope so!
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Christmas 2012
Christmas 2011
Christmas 2011
This is a picture of the window our first Christmas at the cafe. I made this tree and the ornaments from felt and covered foam board with wrapping paper. I was very optimistic last Christmas!

We opened our doors Jan.24 2011 and just a few days later one of the biggest snow storms hit Chicago! Remember? Folks were stranded on Lake Shore Drive!

Christmas 2012
No, there's no picture of the window. While I did put up lights I got so busy with one thing and another I forgot to take a picture! :-( When I get back from vacation I'll take one. 
I've puzzled over what to say in this newsletter and I still haven't come up with anything except the truth. We will be closing the cafe. Despite having what we thought was a simple idea, a good idea, it hasn't proved fruitful.
We are looking at other options but have not settled on any one thing.
What I have enjoyed the absolute most about this adventure is the people I've met I wouldn't trade that for anything!

We will be open from the 4th of January until the 31st. The 24th will be the beginning of our 3rd year.
My gift to you; all sandwiches will be half off!! But you must be able to tell me when our anniversary is ;-) lol
We are, as I said looking at a few things I promise to let you know what if anything we come up with.

Until next year I hope you have a marvelous holiday!

Donna Adams
A Healthy Difference LLC