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26th Annual Porsche Boxster Raffle

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Reflection Benefit & Auction

May 12, 2023

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Webinar: It's Complicated: Death, Grief, and Estranged Relationships

June 8, 2023

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2023 International Summer Institute

July 24-28, 2023

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Webinar: Becoming Grief-Informed: Foundations of Grief Education

September 7, 2023

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Celebrating more than 250 episodes of Grief Out Loud!

Dougy Center’s Grief Out Loud podcast recently celebrated it’s 250th episode! With a million downloads, Grief Out Loud is consistently ranked one of the best podcasts for grief and loss.

In acknowledgement of Grief Out Loud’s 250th episode, we asked host and Dougy Center’s Community Response Program Coordinator, Jana DeCristofaro, L.C.S.W., about the podcast, what it has meant to her, and also what it means to listeners.

What was Dougy Center’s goal in starting a podcast? Back in late 2014, a colleague and I had a doorway conversation about how great it would be for people around the world to feel the support, understanding, and connection that kids, teens, and adults find when they attend one of our local peer grief support groups. We were thinking about the family in a town or state where there's no program similar to ours or the adult who was young when their person died but never had the chance to attend a program like Dougy Center. We thought a podcast could be an accessible way for so many more people to feel less alone in their grief. 


Have you been surprised by how popular Grief Out Loud has become? Yes! Especially early on when we were one of just a handful of grief-focused podcasts. I figured my mom and maybe 15 other people would tune in. These days, there are a ton more podcasts talking about grief, and I'm still surprised by how many people choose to listen to ours. The biggest surprise though is seeing the global reach of Grief Out Loud. I can't vouch for Antarctica, but we have listeners from every other continent. 


Are there any episodes that have particularly stood out to you over the years? This is such a hard question. They all stand out to me. I can clearly picture where I was for each interview. From the early ones where the guest and I would hunch over my iPhone, to recent ones I've recorded, with a real mic, with people living in different countries. Each story has a place in my mind and my heart. I'm grateful for every guest who has taken a risk and shared their story, especially those who felt nervous about being able to articulate their experience or that they wouldn't be coherent or interesting. It's so gratifying when they listen to the episode and say "Whoa. I sounded way better than I remembered. I'm really glad I did this."


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Tickets now on sale for the 2023 Reflection Benefit & Auction, May 12

Honorary co-chairs Amanda Carlson and Vanessa Valencia cordially invite you to Dougy Center's Reflection Benefit & Auction, Friday, May 12, 2023, at the Portland Art Museum and online. 

This fabulous evening will feature original works of art made by Dougy Center participants and an amazing auction. The event culminates as we draw the winning ticket for the 26th Annual Porsche Boxster Raffle! Purchase tickets and find more here.

We are truly grateful to our amazing donors, volunteers, and friends who support Dougy Center through Reflection each year. Because of you, Dougy Center was able to provide grief support to more than 2,600 children, teens, young adults, and their family members last year — fulfilling our goal to return to pre-pandemic levels of direct service. Your unwavering commitment and generosity have allowed us to continue our mission of providing a safe and supportive space for those who are grieving. Thank you for your energetic support, your dedication, and your philanthropic investments. We look forward to celebrating with you at Reflection and to continuing Dougy Center’s journey with you at our side. 

Special thank you to presenting sponsor KinderCare Learning Companies, and all of our generous supporters.

Updated Ayudar a los Adolescentes Después de la Muerte 

de un ser Querido (Helping Teens Cope with Death), now available through Dougy Center's bookstore

Esta guía presenta los pensamientos, retos y reacciones que son únicas para los adolescentes que han experimentado la muerte de un ser querido. Extraído de historias, sugerencias e información compartida por los adolescentes y sus familiares, este libro explora las formas como ven los adolescentes la muerte y cómo afecta sus vidas; maneras para ayudarlos a expresar y procesar de manera segura sus sentimientos sobre la muerte; cómo ser comprensivo y brindar apoyo al adolescente que sufre y cuándo obtener ayuda profesional.

This practical guide covers the unique grief responses of teenagers and the specific challenges they face when grieving a death. You will learn how death impacts teenagers and ways that you can help them. The book also offers advice from parents and caregivers of bereaved teens on how to support adolescents and how to determine when professional help is needed.

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