The pressures around the holidays can be even more challenging after the death of a family member. Remembering and honoring the person who died in a special way can often help. Here are a few ideas for ways to remember your person during the winter holidays.

  • Light a memorial candle. Invite children and other friends/family to share memories. 

  • Write a card or letter to the person who died.

  • Write memories on strips of paper and use them to create a paper chain (see activity below).

  • Hang a special decoration in memory of the person.

  • Buy a gift the person would have liked and donate it to a charity.

  • Set a special memorial place at the table during a holiday meal.

  • Create a memorabilia table or corner where you can place photos, stuffed animals, toys, cards, foods, and any other kinds of mementos.

  • Share one of the person’s favorite foods or meals. Food can be a great spark for sharing memories.