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Navigating Grief During the Holidays

December 7, 2023

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Becoming Grief Informed, Foundations of Grief Education

January 18, 2024

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Flawed Foundations, Deconstructing Three Contemporary Grief Constructs

February 8, 2024

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New activity books to help kids and teens after a COVID death are here!

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When it might feel like most of the world has moved on, millions of children and teens grieving a death from COVID-19 continue to need support.

With funding from the Brave of Heart Fund, Dougy Center created a new activity book for children and a new journal for teens, especially for youth grieving a COVID death. Both titles are available in English and Spanish and are free to download here. Copies will also be available for purchase in January from Dougy Center's Bookstore.

Dougy Center is grateful to the youth at Dougy Center for their guidance and insight in creating these resources.

The books are part of Dougy Center's efforts to create resources for children, teens, parents/caregivers, and helping professionals who are navigating the unique challenges of grief as a result of the pandemic. Dougy Center's COVID-19 Toolkit also includes tip sheets, additional activities, Grief Out Loud podcast episodes, and more.

Grief can leave us feeling lost and without a map. Coordinates is a creative journal for teens to find their way through the death of a family member or friend.

Created for children who are grieving the death of someone from COVID-19, Remembering Together is an activity book to help children preserve memories of their person who died and express the range of thoughts and feelings that come with grief.

These resources were funded by the Brave of Heart Fund, founded by the Foundations of New York Life and Cigna and administered by E4E Relief. The Brave of Heart Fund was established in 2020 to provide charitable grants and emotional support services to families of the frontline healthcare workers, volunteers, and support staff whose lives were lost in the fight against COVID-19. It continues to offer support to these bereaved families via partnerships with non-profit organizations aligned with the fund’s core purposes.

Families like the Browns need your support

The Brown family began attending Dougy Center groups in 2019, after the death of Benjamin and Adaire’s oldest daughter Rhyse.

“Rhyse suffered a hypoxic birth injury which rendered her a paraplegic. She had a trach and was nonverbal,” explained Adaire. “Nevertheless, she was able to communicate a myriad of feelings and emotions. Despite the brevity of Rhyse’s life, she packed our days with exponential meaning and purpose. She undoubtedly touched so many lives with her quiet love.”

After Rhyse died, the Browns’ pediatrician recommended Dougy Center for their younger girls, Rheagan (now 8) and Rhyan (now 5). They began attending in-person groups several months later.

“Going to Dougy Center is the highlight of their weeks,” said Adaire. “They love having a creative as well as constructive place to share their thoughts and feelings about Rhyse. Dougy Center is a place where they both feel encouraged to share their loss out loud and know they will be heard.”

For children who are grieving, your support for Dougy Center can truly transform their lives. Your contribution supports a program proven to lessen social isolation and increase feelings of well-being for children of all ages.

Be a beacon of hope, a bright light for families like the Browns, and a promise of healing and support to the children who are grieving. Your generosity ensures that children and teens have what they need to work through their grief in ways that support their emotional and social well-being. Consider making a year-end donation here.

Watch for Dougy December Tips

The month of December can often be especially difficult for children, teens, and adults who are grieving. Watch Dougy Center's social media this month for special tips on navigating grief during the December holidays, and share what has been helpful for you.

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