News from Dougy Center, May 2021
International Summer Institute is July 26-30, 2021
Are you a caring professional interested in exploring the fundamentals of grief education across the lifespan? Join Dougy Center’s knowledgeable staff for the 2021 International Summer Institute: Virtual Professional Seminar, July 26 to 30. While the majority of helping professionals do not have formal grief education, the Virtual Professional Seminar will provide the tools and information to become grief-informed. Learn with colleagues from around the United States and beyond who support, or plan to support, children and families who are grieving. Find out more and register here.

Congratulations to our 2021 International Summer Institute Scholarship recipients, Talia Mizrahi of Educare Center in Overland Park, KS; Annie Vaden of Children's Hospital in New Orleans, LA; Kelly Sweat of Norton Public Schools in Pawtucket, RI; and Kirsten Rian of Vancouver Wellness Studio in Vancouver, WA. Thank you to the New York Life Foundation for partnership in making these scholarships possible.
Create a Beaded Bracelet: Activity for All Ages
Some kids and teens, and even adults worry they will forget stories and memories about the person in their lives who died. Beads can help symbolize and remind us of these special memories. Create a beaded memory bracelet with beads that mean something to you or to the person who died. You can also draw pictures or write stories about the memories you think of when you look at each bead. Make bracelet for yourself or a family member, or download and print this activity sheet to decorate a bracelet using crayons or markers.

· Elastic Thread
· Beads
· Scissors

1. Cut elastic thread to the length you want
2. Pick beads that make you think of specific memories
3. Thread each bead on elastic thread
4. Tie knot at end of string
5. Exchange bracelets if you want or make them for your whole family · [email protected] · 503.775.5683