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But Doctor, don't I need an antibiotic for this cough and congestion??  This is a question that we confront every day and is wrought with misunderstanding. 
Please see this concise and informative article to help answer this question!!

Upper Respiratory Infections

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment:Disfiguring Toenail Fungus
Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment:Disfiguring Toenail Fungus

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Confused about cancer screening recommendations?

Here are the current recommendations from the American Cancer Society.  Some of these might surprise you (Cervical Cancer PAP smear guidelines for instance)!
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Issue: # 2 
February 2013



     Greetings from the staff at Doylestown Family Medicine. We are excited to be sharing our second newsletter letter with you and we hope to continue to provide relevant information about our practice and important health issues

    We are seeing a substantial drop off in the number of patients with cold and flu.  There is still a significant risk however as experts do not predict an end to the flu season until March, so be on the alert and minimize contact if you can. 


     Again, we are happy to introduce to you our newest staff member, Sharon Thompson. Sharon comes to us with many years of experience as a Certified Medical Assistant. She's worked in a variety of settings, in both primary and urgent care.       


    Additionally, we are very excited to have acquired a new laser for use in our office. The Q-clear Laser has multiple uses, but the primary focus of treatment will be the management of stubborn toe nail fungus that many patients have. Please look below for more details about this new laser and for a fantastic special discount..   


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New and Improved Website
We are excited to introduce a new, revamped website for Doylestown Family Medicine.  Visit Our Website!  With the help of the folks at IQnection, we revised and upgraded the website this month and it launched on February 8th, 2013.  One significant change is the ability to pay invoices via the website, by clicking the Online Bill Payment icon. 

Additionally, there will be a Blog page which will include a library of our current and future newsletters as well as periodic blog posts discussing issues of importance regarding our practice, patients and the state of medicine in the US. 

 In the future, we plan to add a patient portal to our website as well.  This will allow patients to securely access parts of their own medical record. 

Lastly, there are links on the site to follow us on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

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Q Clear Laser
Revolutionary Q-Clear Yag Laser

The Q-Clear Laser is approved by the FDA and is a safe and effective treatment for nail fungus. It penetrates inside the nail where the nail fungus (dermatophytes) reside, killing the fungus instantly.

The laser light passes right through the tough nail plate killing the fungus without pain or damage to the surrounding tissues.


The laser procedure is done right in our office. Procedures usually take 10-20 minutes. They do NOT require any form of anesthesia and are painless.  


Call now to schedule a free consultation!  


Please see below for great coupon offer. 


Elliot Schnur, M.D.
Doylestown Family Medicine
Save 50%
This special introductory offer of 50% off the cost of laser therapy through the end of February 2013 has been extended until March 15, 2013.  Hurry, as this great discount will not be repeated again!! Feel free to forward to friends or family who may be interested.  Please print the coupon and bring with you to the consultation visit. 
                                                                             *This coupon may only be used only for laser therapy. 
Offer Expires: 3/15/2013