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Dr. Lee S. Cohen

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December 2014
Welcome to the Dr. Lee Cohen community.  Our practice is working together to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in podiatric care.   We focus on addressing treatment, injury prevention, and athletic performance enhancement.


Need Custom Insoles?  Now's the time.

Would you like to order a new pair of custom insoles, replace an old pair, or get a second pair so you don't need to switch them from shoe to shoe?  Now would be the time to take advantage of any Health Savings Account funds that are still available and need to be used by the end of the year.  In a lot of cases, we simply reorder your insoles from your prior prescription, which saves you an office visit.  Call us if you have any interest in this program.  Wishing you and yours a health and happy holiday.




Lee S. Cohen & Staff

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Dr. Cohen's Hottest Running Tips


1.  Vary your running routes.  This helps you keep your runs fresh, keeps your body from acclimating, and makes running more fun.  Get out there and enjoy the scenery!


2.This entry is similar to number one.  Try radically altering your running style every once in a while.  If you are an urban runner, try trail running, if you run on trails try an urban route.  This can help you stay interested in running and different running surfaces can work different muscles in your feet and lower legs.


3.  Make sure running is not your only exercise even if it is your focus.  Lifting weights and doing bodyweight exercises are very important to runners.  Strengthening muscles of the legs and core is an essential part of preventing injury and making running a more enjoyable, easier experience.  Focus on leg exercises, weighted or not, and core strength exercises.  These will greatly improve your runs and cut down on the inevitable aches and pains of running.

4.  Always remember to rest up.  Resting your body betw

een runs is very important.  This does not mean you have to stop training completely but mix in lighter runs in between heavy days.  Another good idea is to allocate every third day or the like 

as a lifting day to keep up strength while giving most of your muscles a chance to heal.


5.  If you are a runner looking to increase speed for competition then you should remember that building up endurance first is essential.  Building up endurance and leg strength is something that must be done before sprinting.  This can be achieved by starting to train with long slow runs progressing to shorter faster runs as the long ones become too easy.  Also important in endurance and strength is a stretching routine.  Stretching should be done not only before running but daily to increase muscle flexibility. 




Wonderful Winter Shoes
Runner's World came out with a super winter shoe guide.  Check it out at



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Dr. Lee S. Cohen