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Dr. Lee Cohen
Nike Vapor Carbon Fly 2
Nike Alpha Pro
UA Highlight MC
Adidas Adizero 5-Star
Nike Vapor Talon Elite
Nike Landshark
Nike cj81
Adidas Filthy Quick
Gryphon Aero Pro Turf
Asics Gel-Hockey Neo 3
Under Armour Women's Contender III
Asics Gel V Cut
Adidas AdiStar Hockey 4 Turf Shoe
Nike SpeedLax 4 Turf Shoe
TK1 Turf Shoe
Asics Gel-Lethal MP6 Turf

August 2014 
Welcome to the Dr. Lee Cohen community.  Our practice is working together to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in podiatric care.   We focus on addressing treatment, injury prevention, and athletic performance enhancement.
Dr. C's Football Cleat Picks


The Nike Vapor Carbon Fly 2 is a streamlined shoe with an aerodynamic fit.  It offers good support during cuts and has responsive cushioning.  This shoe works well on both synthetic and natural surfaces.


The Nike Alpha Pro is ideal for explosive bursts making it a great choice for running backs and linebackers.  It is a lightweight shoe with good support and a dynamic fit. This shoe also has impact protection in the design. 


The Under Armour Highlight MC is ultra supportive with an ankle hugging sleeve.  It is a lightweight shoe with good traction for quick cuts and explosive acceleration.


The Adidas Adizero 5-star 2.0 is a lightweight responsive shoe with a Shockweb for support and reduced weight.  It offers a snug and comfortable fit.


The  Nike Vapor Talon Elite offers advanced traction for in a lightweight shoe.  It is built for speed and stability and allows for explosion off the line and quick cuts.  It has a talon cleat under the toe to give you traction for quick take offs.

The Nike Land Shark is a breathable shoe with extra grip.  It offers lateral support with outstanding traction on natural and synthetic surfaces.


The Nike cj81 has a sock-like fit around the ankle which offers support, and a wrap around arch strap for more agility.  The cleat pattern is designed for 1st step speed in any direction.  


The Adidas Filthy Quick is a lightweight shoe with a synthetic leather upper.  It is designed for speed, faster cuts and lateral movement.  It can be used on either synthetic or natural surfaces.  


All of these cleats accept both the low-profile Cohen Custom Insole or the full thickness Cohen custom insole. This is determined by personal preference of the player.


For tips on weight training exercises and tips specific to football, check out www.bodybuilding.com/fun/topicoftheweek79.htm


Dr. C's Field Hockey Cleat Picks & Bonus Workout


The Gryphon Aero Pro Turf  has a premium micro-fiber and mesh upper.  It has an engineered forefoot flex that allows for surface contact and grip when accelerating, turning, and stopping. 


The Asics Gel-Hockey Neo 3 Turf or Neo Field  offer good cushioning even on the hardest surfaces.  This is a sport specific supportive shoe that provides stability and mid-foot control.  It also has enhanced toe durability. 


The Under Armour Women's Contender III Turf  is a slimmer athletic cut for more mobility without extra bulk. It uses a supportive UA synthetic leather and breathable mesh for lightweight comfort, and the HeatGear system keeps feet cool and dry.


The Asics Gel V Cut  offers advanced ankle support and a cushioning system for shock absorption.  It is a lightweight shoe that has enhanced toe durability.


The Adidas AdiStar Hockey 4 Turf Shoe is a responsive shoe with excellent cushioning and a snug foot.  It offers good traction and stability with shock absorbing features.  

The Nike Speedlax 4 Turf Shoe is a lightweight shoe with perforations at the sides for breathability.  It is a comfortable and durable shoe with good traction control.


The TK1 Turf Shoe is made with a water-repellent synthetic and moisture wicking mesh.  It has good traction control.  This shoe offers comfort, durability, and control.


The Asics Gel-Lethal MP6 Turf offers excellent support and comfort.  It has good shock absorption and traction on a variety of surfaces.


Remember all these cleats can Be  worn with the Cohen full thickness custom insole 


Bonus Workout!  Here is a link to a great workout you can do to get ready for the field hockey season.  It can also be used in the off-season.  Check out the  5 steps that every workout should include.  Stay healthy!




Dr. Lee S. Cohen