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Dr. Lee Cohen
Foam Roller: Calf
Foam Roller: Quad
New Balance 4040 V2
Nike Huarache Pro Low Metal
Nike Air Huarache 2K4 
Nike Zoom Vapor Elite
Mizuno Elite 9-Spike
Nike Women's Air SpeedLax 4 Cleat
Nike Women's Air SpeedLax 4 Turf
Brine Women's Empress 
Asics Gel Lethal Shot
Warrior Gospel 
Nike Vapor Pro
Nike Huarache Turf Stealth
Nike Huarache 4

April 2014 
Welcome to the Dr. Lee Cohen community.  Our practice is working together to realize a shared vision of uncompromising excellence in podiatric care.   We focus on addressing treatment, injury prevention, and athletic performance enhancement.

Stay Healthy With The Help Of A Foam Roller

Foam rolling, is a self myo-fascial release technique that you may or may not be familiar with. If you are an active individual who loves to workout and stay healthy, then you may want to consider buying a foam roller. A foam roller is a very inexpensive piece of equipment that has tremendous benefits for the body. Within the body we develop trigger points, which are tiny sensitive spots that can cause pain or tightness. Trigger points pop up in the body due to poor posture, a previous injury and the fact that we have become a society that sits way too much. If you do not manage these trigger points, then they can alter movement, which may lead to injury. By using a foam roller, we can desensitize these trigger points and restore normal length to our muscles, allowing them to function normally again.


 Prior to working out, the foam roller is an excellent way to get your body prepared for the stress it is about to endure. If a joint does not move, it is very important to look at the muscles above and below the joint. If you are experiencing pain in the knee, I would suggest foam rolling your quads as well as your hip flexors. Another solution would be to look at the muscles that surround your ankle. If your ankle lacks mobility then it can cause added stress to your knee. Foam rolling your calves is a great way to increase ankle mobility and help ease anterior knee pain.


Trae Toliver

Under Armour Elite TrainerOwner of Xplosive Sports Academy


Sports Performance Director at Velocity Cherry Hill

Doc. C's Baseball Cleat Picks:


The New Balance 4040 V2 low metal baseball cleats is lightweight and designed for speed.  It's the low cut version of the new balance tried-and-true lightweight speed cleat. This cleat also provides "Toe Protect" to prevent toe wear out.


The Nike Huarache Pro Low Metal cleats is constructed with a premium synthetic leather and mesh which combine with an ankle strap for a form fit and gives you excellent  ankle support. This shoe also has the TPU heel counter for superior heel fit and shape . 


The Nike Air Huarache 2k4 is a great shoe from last year. Its lightweight nine metal cleats configuration provide maximum performance and the TPU heel counter adds lasting support and cushioning for the heel and midfoot.


The Nike Zoom Vapor Elite Metal is built 

for explosive power and speed on the field.  This shoe has a Pebax speed plate to keep you connected to the ground and zoom cushioning for outstanding impact protection.


The Mizuno 9-Spike advanced Mizuno Elite is new for this year.  It is a lightweight pro model with premium suede upper for ultimate feeling performance.  It has superior traction and comfort cushion and stability.

It also contains pro flex which allows the foot to flex in multiple zones. It has a full length midsole for maximum comfort a padded tongue for superior foot comfort as well.


All of these cleats accept both the low-profile Cohen custom insole or the full thickness Cohen custom insole. This is determined by personal preference of the player.

Doc. C's Lacrosse Cleat Picks


The Nike Women's Air SpeedLax 4 Lacrosse cleat

synthetic leather upper and dual pull fit system offers added durability and dynamic lockdown while a three quarter length pylon midsole delivers the perfect combination of midfoot padding and support


The Nike Women's Air SpeedLax 4 LE Lacrosse turfs are the same shoe as the cleated version but is a great shoe for all turf surfaces


The Brine Women's Empress Turf Lacrosse Cleat has a 

synthetic leather upper which delivers optimal durability and custom molded fit, while a mesh tongue offers maximum flexibility. Nubby turf bottom delivers maximum grip and speed on any surface. It is the lightest and quickest Empress yet.


The Asics Gel Lethal Shot Turf Shoe has rubber outsole stud configuration which is designed specifically for synthetic grass surfaces and hard natural surfaces.  It has outsole grips for secure footing and releases quickly when the foot is lifted to reduce the chance of injury.

Rear foot gel cushioning system in midsole for support

Remember all these cleats can Be  worn with the Cohen full thickness custom insole


The Warrior Gospel 2014: Warrior is now owned by New Balance shoe company who pride themselves on comfort.  New Balance  provides the Gospel with the super lightweight technology, great support, and great traction.  They claim to have an extremely comfortable arch system and are excellent for the player with a wider foot. 


The Nike Vapor Pro is a lightweight blend of mesh and synthetic materials.  It has a 12 cleats configuration strategically designed for explosive cuts and lateral movement Poron technology provides responsive cushioning on impact.  This shoe accepts the low profile Cohen insole.


The Nike Huarache Turf Stealths were the best selling cleats for turf last year and worn by all four teams in the final four. They provide super support, comfy ankle

tops, and awesome cutting ability. The cleat provides traction and is lightweight with quality construction.


The Nike Huarache 4 provides technology through the dynamic fly wire system which bends with the foot to keep you constantly locked down to every movement. The player can turn on a dime and cut for those outlet passes with ease.


Remember all these cleats can Be  worn with the Cohen full thickness custom insole 



Dr. Lee S. Cohen