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How Medicine Complicates

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Managing Mothers Day

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After the Death of a Child

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Hello friends!

As many of you know, the inspiration for the work I do today with death, dying and bereavement came from an extraordinary human being named Danny, who is also the reason that my last name is "Daniel," because I legally changed it to his name to honor his life and his death.

Danny was my son, and he died in 2006 at age 16 after a long struggle with a rare metabolic disorder. In the years that followed, I went back to school to earn a doctorate and train to become a hospice chaplain and grief counselor.

It has now been 16 years since Danny died... the same number of years that he was alive on earth. To honor this important milestone, I launched several new projects, including a new workshop called Managing Mothers Day and Fathers Day After Child Loss.

The three-part workshop kicks off in May, and you'll find details below. If you have experienced the death of a child, whether you are a parent, grandparent sibling or friend, I hope you will consider attending.

Rev. Dr. Terri Daniel, CT, CCTP

End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy,

Bereavement and Trauma Support



Near-Death Experience Across Cultures

and Throughout History

Dr. Gregory Shushan is the world's top researcher on the subject of near-death experiences in the historical record. He points out, among other things, that stories of NDEs over thousands of years have contributed to the establishment of religious beliefs, and conversely, those beliefs also influence what we experience in our NDEs. 

To celebrate the publication of his new book, we're re-publishing our Ask Doctor Death podcast interview with Gregory from February 2022. LISTEN HERE.

Loss, Trauma, Grief and Fearlessness

"...In the aftermath of my son’s suicide, I’m not afraid anymore. Sometimes I’m foolhardy, walking through urban parks alone after dark, or exploring boulder-strewn tide pools in areas known for rogue waves. Sometimes I’m principled and heedless of consequences, writing to journalists about a corrupt healthcare system while I’m still its employee. For me, too, the worst has already happened, so who cares about getting battered around or losing my job?

"The 1993 film Fearless, starring Jeff Bridges and Rosie Perez, illuminates some unexpected ways that grief and trauma alter its sufferers... Thanks to trauma and loss, we are, like the movie title says, fearless. But we’d relinquish this superpower in a heartbeat, if our lives could rewind." READ MORE...  

Sage and Cultural Appropriation

"As Pike notes, in the early 1990s Native Americans from several tribes began to express their rage at what they saw as 'cultural strip mining,' the stealing and watering down of their culture and their spirituality, which they described as an extension of colonization that had stripped them of their original lands. The use of sage was not the only cultural artifact that these Native American spokespeople objected to being used by nonnatives. Traditional dress and eagles’ feathers were two other examples of commonly appropriated items..." READ MORE...

Should Priests Report Abuses Heard in Confession?

Catholic leaders are pushing back against efforts to alter state laws that exempt clergy from reporting child abuse they hear about during the sacrament of confession, arguing the changes will force priests to choose between the law and their faith. Advocates for abuse survivors insist the changes are necessary, noting instances where abuse by a parishioner or even a cleric continued despite a priest learning about it during confession. READ MORE...

Christian Nationalism is not the Same as Civil Religion

Ten percent of Americans are adherents of Christian nationalism, with another 19% in sympathy with its ideals, according to a new PRRI survey. These two groups are far more likely to hold racist, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim views than the rest of the U.S. population. Among white evangelicals, 29% rate as adherents, with an additional 35% as sympathizers. None of this is particularly surprising.


 Helping Children Manage Grief and Loss

Dr. Korie Leigh is a child life specialist and grief counselor whose new book What Does Grief Feel LIke is for chidren who are grieving, and includes a guide for parents and caregivers on how to support a child's journey through loss and grief.  

In this podcast episode, Dr. Leigh addresses an array of topics, incuding pet death, preparing children for attending funerals, the best (and the worst) language to use when talking to children about death, and the importance of death education in early childhood. LISTEN HERE


Earn a Certification in Grief Therapy

The Portland Institute, directed by world-renowned grief therapist and researcher Dr. Robert Neimeyer, provides training in several types of grief therapies. Unlike the "quickie credential" programs being offered online today, this is a robust, academically-sound program that includes classes, mentoring, practicums and session evaluations via onsite, live online, and/or recorded training modules.

To help you get started with the program, they are offering a 20% discount on an upcoming online training on Grief Therapy for Suicide Loss. Use promo code SpecDISC_ofAPeiR when registering. This is a two-part session, and it is strongly recommended that you register for both the May 4 and May 5 class. REGISTER HERE

Editor's note: I am currently enrolled in this program, and I highly recommend it

if you're looking for some professional credentials in grief support.

Managing Mothers Day and Fathers Day

After Child Loss

While the Spring season brings the promise of renwal and new life, for many grieving parents, it is impossible to imagine life continuing after such a tragic loss. This workshop will provide education, support and experiential processes for navigating holidays and milestone days with wisdom, vision and hope for healing.

If you need some help coping with Mothers Day and Fathers Day this year, please consider joining us in this rare learning environment, which provides unique healing tools not found in traditional counseling or support group settings.



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Join us virtually for an extraordinary weekend of shared wisdom, fearless exploration, and social support for unpacking toxic religious beliefs that can be harmful when facing loss and grief.

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Trauma & Toxic Theology

in the Black Church 

Dr. Harold Smith:

How the Prosperity Gospel Causes

Pain for Bereaved Christians

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