Elephant Update
Even though Bo and Tarra arrived at Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA) only a few months ago, both are thriving. Bo has gained a little weight, which was the goal, while Tarra, ever the adventurer, has enjoyed exploring the pastures and woods with her new dog, rekindling her relationship with Carol and forming a friendship with Bo.

Transition, even positive ones, can cause stress, so we have been mindful of Bo and Tarra’s emotional and psychological reactions to all the changes they are experiencing. We are pleased to report they both settled in quickly and smoothly, and their relaxed body language and calm behavior continues to let us know they are comfortable and at peace. 
Persistent, yet patient, Bo is determined to win Tarra over. From the many hours of elecam and in-person observation, it appears his approach works. Tarra is tentatively interested as experience has taught her some elephants can be physically pushy. But Bo has proven to Tarra he is not pushy but is actually a push over. He seems keenly aware of her uncertainty about him, so he does not pursue her beyond her comfort zone. He approaches slowly, touches her gently and does not try to take her food or displace her. This lets Tarra feel in control as she gets to know Bo in her time, on her terms. This is just what Tarra needs to feel understood and heard. And it’s working.

Every day, Bo and Tarra can be seen side by side as they graze, drink from the water trough, and play with Mala. What an incredible threesome!

As the nighttime temperatures remain consistently above 50 degrees, Bo and Tarra will move to the 750-acre habitat. There they will have an entire new world to explore, day and night!
Cold Laser Equipment Fundraiser Closeout
Thanks to your generous support we are just $952 away from our $16,200 goal to purchase state-of-the-art cold laser equipment as a gift to Bo and Tarra for their birthdays this year.

You can give them the gift of health by closing out our 2022 Birthday Bash campaign. Every donation, regardless of the amount, is an investment in Tarra’s and Bo’s mobility and comfort for years to come, as well as that of other elephants who will join them at ERNA.

You can learn more about cold laser therapy and how Tarra and Bo will benefit from the treatments on our fundraiser page. While you are there, we hope you’ll help us reach our goal. Thank you!
2021 Volunteers of the Year

Volunteers are the lifeblood of a nonprofit and we are no exception. For their outstanding dedication to Elephant Aid International, we award these volunteers for their work and commitment.
Education Volunteer
Helen Beesley
Winthrop, Maine
Volunteer since summer 2020

“I watched the work my sister Suzanne Carr and EAI Founder Carol Buckley had been doing through the years, so when Suzanne approached me about joining the Education Committee, I jumped at it. There is nothing better than being part of making the world a better place for all living creatures!”
Technology Volunteer
Ryan Weisman
Venice, California
Volunteer since 2016

“I love elephants and sympathize with their plight both in the wild and in captivity. When I researched EAI, I was heartened by the work being done around the world, and I was thankful to have a skill that I could use to help this worthwhile organization. It has been amazing to see the work done by Carol and the team, to be a small part of it, and to see the vision for ERNA come to life!”
Special Projects Volunteers
Julie & Dillon Forbes
Hampstead, North Carolina
Volunteers since spring 2016

“We joined the Volunteer Team for the opportunity to help animals while also working outside with people. We wanted to see Carol's vision for the elephants come to fruition.”
Support Volunteer
Phil Kiracofe
Tallahassee, Florida
Volunteer since 2019

“EAI/ERNA is dedicated to giving these amazing animals the life they were born to have and I wanted to be part of the effort to make that happen. Believe it or not, unglamorous tasks like rolling hay and shoveling elephant dung can be quite
Office Volunteer
Eden Parker
Tallahassee, Florida / Fort Collins, Colorado
Volunteer since fall 2019

“My career goals involve working at an elephant refuge and I thought volunteering for one so close to home would be a great start. The exposure and experience is amazing, as well as the people I work so closely with like Suzanne Carr and Carol Buckley.”
Thank you so much, Eden, Helen, Julie, Dillion, Phil and Ryan for all you do for us and the elephants!
EAI Volunteer Programs

EAI now has two volunteer programs: 1) volunteer on-site at ERNA or 2) share your special skills whether you’re half way around the world or right here in Attapulgus, GA.

ERNA Volunteer Program 
Our new ERNA Volunteer Program has been updated to adapt to the changing needs of the refuge with Bo and Tarra’s arrivals. We now ask volunteers to commit to two scheduled 4-hour shifts per month for a 6-month period or more. Due to scheduling requirements, we need volunteers who live within a two-hour radius of the refuge located in Attapulgus, GA.

Learn more about our new ERNA Volunteer Program and sign up here.

Special Skills Volunteer Program

If you’re bummed that you don’t live within two hours of Attapulgus, GA, don’t worry! We still have lots of projects and need your skills! Volunteers can share their passions and knowledge to help with projects that require special skills such as architectural design and drawings, language translation, graphic design, social media and marketing, legal support and so much more. Many projects can be completed remotely – from anywhere in the world.

Ready for something more hands on and can travel to the refuge? We frequently have projects at ERNA that require skilled trades and expertise in engineering, welding, plumbing and electrical.

Find out more and sign up for our Special Skills Volunteer Program.
Do You Have a Farm Truck to Donate?
We need a new (or gently used) farm truck to haul materials and volunteers who help maintain the grounds at ERNA. If you, or anyone you know, has a new or used truck in good working order, please consider donating it to our cause! Remember your donation is tax deductible. Please write Carol at carol@elephantaidinternational.org if you have a good lead or truck to donate. Thanks!
As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants possible. Thank you!
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