ECLT Foundation News Nov/Dec 2016

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Making a Better Life for Children in Tobacco-Growing Communities
Message from the Executive Director
On the 2nd anniversary of the signing of the  ECLT Pledge of Commitment and Minimum Standards, the ECLT Foundation tooka look at p rogress made to take stock of each compan y's situation and efforts against child labour in their tobacco-sourcing supply chains. This information can be seen collectively in the  ECLT "Pledge Realisation: child labour self assessment outcomes" dashboard.

Today at the ECLT Foundation
Global Progress to End Child Labour
Leadership and Leverage - 5th UN Forum on Business & Human Rights

The UN Forum is the world's largest event on business and human rights.  The 5th  annual forum, held in Geneva from 14-16 November, brought together over 2,000 participants from government, business, civil society, law firms, UN agencies, trade unions, academia and the media. 

In addition to attending the Forum, the ECLT Foundation, along with the Permanent Missions to the UN of Canada and Malawi, hosted a side event on "Securing Multi-Stakeholder Commitments Towards Eliminating Child Labour" - the only event specifically addressing child labour or children's issues during the Forum. It was an opportunity to contribute to the Human Rights Council's greater body of knowledge - by sharing concrete examples of effective multi-stakeholder approaches in the fight against child labour in agriculture.

News from the Field
Community Activists: Improving themselves and their communities

Community Activists in the PROSPER Plus project are bettering their communities and making the most of opportunities for themselves.  They provide a crucial link between communities where they live and the project.

The Community Activitsts come from the the targetted villages and work to help their fellow community members. Their role  is to help make the project work the community level, including performing holding community meetings, monitoring project activities and programmes, identifying project beneficiaries and awareness raising.

In return, the CAs also receive special business training, making the situation a win-win!

ECLT Foundation in Action
Collaboration to build capacities against child labour

In an increasingly globalised world, collaboration is taking a lead role in efforts, like the Sustainable Development Agenda, aiming to tackle worldwide issues. From our beginnings as a multi-stakeholder initiative, the ECLT Foundation has always seen the benefit of engaging with a variety of partners to address the complex causes of child labour.

Over the past months, the ECLT Foundation kicked off several new partnerships, focusing on building capacity and fostering dialogue about how to promote children's rights and protect them from situations of child labour. Two notable initiatives are a 2-year child protection training programme with the Child Welfare League of Canada and a child labour panel held as part of the 2016 IFCW WorldForum.

Thank you for your support -
together we can make a better life for children in tobacco-growing communities!
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