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Making a Better Life for Children in Tobacco-Growing Communities
Message from the Executive Diretor

The ILO-ECLT Public Private Partnership 2015-2018: Global guidance on hazardous child labour in tobacco growing

The implementation phase of the current public-private partnership between the ECLT Foundation and the ILO, which started in December 2015, has made marked progress toward developing a global guidance on hazardous child labour and occupational safety and health in tobacco growing.

Efforts are moving forward at both national and global levels in research and social dialogue. 
Today at the ECLT Foundation
Global Progress to End Child Labour
Alliance 8.7 - Global efforts for coordination against child labour

According to the most recent statistics from the ILO, there are still 168 million child labourers worldwide. More than half of these are working in agriculture.  

With one year down since the adoption of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the problem is clear.  As a response, the launch of the Alliance 8.7 is an important step forward and the ECLT Foundation is proud to join.

The alliance strengthens the global efforts to eradicate forced labour, modern slavery, human and child labour, which form a key pillar of Goal 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

News from the Field
Getting back to school through football!

Since last spring, more than 100 teens and their families have gathered on Sundays in San Jose de la Maquina, Guatemala for community football games.  These weekly events are more than just an excuse for children, parents and other community members to gather, they are an important way to get teens into school.

At least 12 young people currently participating in the football championship  are back in school. Many of the players and fans are still outside the education system and the weekly games provide an opportunity encourage them to be entering Telesecundaria, or televised high school, newly opened school in the B16 community.

ECLT Foundation in Action
Focused interventions for greater occupational safety and health impact

In the midst of an international youth employment crisis and given the need for strong national frameworks for sustainable advances against child labour, the ECLT Foundation undertakes Key Intervention Projects, or KIPs, in addition to our large, area-based interventions.

Taking this approach to work on specific issues, the Foundation is able to focus efforts and pilot new approaches. Through the KIPs, we aim to support strong national regulatory frameworks on child labour and support advocacy-related efforts to help children above the legal working age stay out of hazardous work and in decent employment.

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together we can make a better life for children in tobacco-growing communities!
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