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Winterizing Your Water Well System

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Winter is around the corner and it is important to winterize you water well system to prevent frozen pumps, water treatment and piping.

*Why Pumps Freeze

A frozen water pump causes more than the inconvenience of losing water for a while; it can also mean burst pipes, cracked water pumps and flooding once the frozen pipes warm up again.

The root cause of this problem is when air surrounding a water pipe drops below freezing, any heat in the water will transfer to the air and cause the water to freeze. The smaller pipes always freeze first because of the larger relative surface area. Therefore, the � inch lines to the pressure switches, which turns the pump on and off, will be the first to freeze. A frozen pressure switch will not start the pump. A small heat source, like a heat lamp or heater directed at the pressure switch will remedy this. Just remember that heat sources should be used prudently as overheated materials can ignite and start a fire. Always follow manufacturer's instructions.

*Structural Protection

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 Reverse Osmosis Maintenancero

To insure optimum efficiency, certain routine maintenance must be performed on reverse osmosis systems.

The standard reverse osmosis system consists of three stages, pre-filtering, the reverse osmosis process, and post-filtering.


Water flows from the water supply to the first stage, the pre-filter, where the 5-micron cartridge removes sand, silt, dirt, and other sediments that may be in the water supply. From there, the water flows to the reverse osmosis membrane cartridge.


Water is forced by pressure (at least 35 psi) through the semi permeable membrane. The good water passes through the membrane (at two drops per second) to the storage tank while the dissolved and particulate materials we don't want, are sent down the drain. We must always have a certain amount of water continually flushing across the face of the membrane to clean the porous surface and prevent plugging. The amount of good (product) water and the amount of flushing (reject) water is called the reject ratio. FOr residential R/O's this usually around 3:1. In other words, R/O's will require 4 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of purified water. That wastes a lot of water!

After leaving the storage tank but before going to the faucet product water goes through post filtering. The post filter or filters are usually of carbon type which will remove any remaining taste and odor.

Maintenance Guide

Frequency of maintenance depends on a number of factors including condition of water and level of use.

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Please contact one of our qualified Water Treatment Specialists if you would like to discuss your water and possible treatment methods. 604-534-1115 


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Using Heat Tapes to Protect Pipes From Freezing


Freezing temperatures are just around the corner and many of our customers are asking about methods to protect their water system. Using heat tapes to protect pipes and equipment from freezing is one of the simplest and more commonly used methods used.

Warning: There are approximately 3300 residential fires in the US each year involving heat tapes. Make sure manufacturers instructions are followed and old tapes are regularly checked for cracks and bare wires.

Heat tapes come in many various lengths and manufactures. The better quality tapes use a thermal sensor embedded in the tape to turn on the heating process once the temperature drops to around 38 degrees F (2 degrees C).

Manufacturers instructions are provided on the package on how to properly install the tape. These instructions should be followed carefully. Normally the tape is wrapped around the pipe according to instructions. Increasing the number of wraps per lineal foot will compensate for lower temperature environments however wraps must not contact each other.

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