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MARCH  Newsletter 2012
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Groundwater protection

All people by their living habits can protect or harm groundwater - our nation and the world's most abundant freshwater supply. The first step toward protecting groundwater is to become aware of how it can be contaminated. The second step is to do your part to keep from contaminating groundwater.

Over 750,000 residents rely on wells as a drinking water supply. British Columbia uses more ground water than any other province in Canada, except Ontario - reason enough to act to protect groundwater. Another reason is that contaminated groundwater can harm the environment, including the ecosystems that depend on groundwater. Groundwater protection: Take the pledge
As the saying goes, "A journey...begins with a single step." NGWA wants to help you to take the first step on your journey to protect groundwater. We challenge you to take this pledge:


I pledge to take one or more of the following actions to protect groundwater from contamination. READ MORE  






What are Tannins?


Tannins are a natural organic material that can be the byproducts of nature's fermentation

process, be created as water passes through peaty soil and decaying vegetation. This can cause water to have a faint yellow to tea-like color, and can cause yellow staining on fabrics, fixtures, china and laundry.  


Tannins may give a tangy or tart aftertaste to water. They may also cause water to have a musty or earthy odor. Tannins - also known as fulvic or humic acid - are more common in surface water supplies and shallow wells than in deep wells. Water in marshy, low-lying, or coastal areas is also more susceptible to tannins.


What are the health effects of Tannins?

Tannins are considered an aesthetic problem. While they may make water unappealing to

drink and stain laundry, they present no health hazard.


Should I test my water for Tannins?

Tannins create a light yellow to dark brown discoloration in the water. A simple test for

tannins involves filling a clear glass with water and letting it sit overnight. If the color settles to

the bottom of the glass, the discoloration is most likely caused by iron and/or manganese and

not tannins. If the intensity of the color remains intact, it is most likely caused by tannins. We can test for tannins in our lab at EDS.  


on the removal of tannins 



Please contact one of our qualified Water Treatment Specialists if you would like to discuss your water and possible treatment methods. 604-534-1115 


Dave Mellis


Our water pressure had dropped over the past few months. Do you have any idea what might be causing this problem?


Water pressure depends on water flow, pipe size and pipe material. The more water being pushed through a pipe, the greater the pressure drop.  There are several things that can cause a low pressure and volume problems. Some are easy to spot while others are hidden.The first thing to determine is whether you have a volume or pressure problem. 

There are several basic causes of volume problems at the well.
  • Improper well design and construction
  • Incomplete well development
  • Borehole stability problems
  • Incrustation buildup
  • Biofouling
  • Corrosion
  • Aquifer problems
  • Over pumping.

Some other areas that might be reducing the pressure at the house.  

  • Do you have inline filters that may be plugged?
  • Could there be a leak in the water line?
  • Is the pressure tank pressurized?
  • If you have a bladder tank could the bladder be leaking?
  • If you have iron in your water you may have iron biofouling in the house pipes.   
  • Undersized plumbing.
  • Plugged or corroded pipe or fixtures. 
Our experienced team of experts are available to help you determine the cause of problem and offer viable solutions.  Call us any time for a consultation. 


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Did you know?

Water regulates the earth's temperature  


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Monthly Laugh
A minister is driving into Vancouver to see a show and he"s stopped in Chilliwack for speeding. The policeman  smells alcohol on his breath and then he sees an empty wine bottle on the floor, and he says, "Sir, have you been drinking?" And the minister says, "Just water." The sheriff says, "Then why do I smell wine?" And the minister looks down at the bottle and says, "Good Lord, He"s done it again!"